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Hello Friend:

My name is Anna Dornier.

Not that long ago I was fat, out of shape and ashamed of what I looked like. I used to look in the mirror and wonder how I ever let myself get to the point that I did. My clothes didn’t fit anymore (Great stuff I spent a lot of money on) I would be short of breath after just a few steps and I still came up with excuses not to do anything with my situation.
That was something I was really good at, making excuses.

  • I don’t have time to work out
  • I don’t have time to prepare healthy food
  • Healthy food is too expensive
  • I don’t look that bad
  • I’ll start next Monday…and so on.

I was never a good liar but I sure believed all of these lies that I told myself. To be honest though I had enough. I sure had enough of my stomach hanging over my jeans.

Once I stopped lying to myself and saw the real me in the mirror I knew I had to make some changes.

So, I set out to learn everything I can about health and fitness and started working towards my fat loss goals. To my surprise, not only did I reach my goals of losing 25 lbs and getting to 17% body fat, I also LOVED working out and how it transformed my life. My transformation wasn’t so much about the weight loss but it was more about how my mindset changed because of it. It made me believe I can do anything I set my mind to do – if I had the right tools, knowledge, and support.

Because I have been through the journey a lot of our clients are about to undertake, I know exactly how to help them tackle any obstacle that may come their way. I share the same success tools and knowledge and give them all the support they need so they can make their very own life-changing transformation.

We are the only fitness program in town that guarantees you will reach your health and fitness goals or we’ll give you your money back.

I can make such a bold guarantee because we are helping hundreds of East Bay clients transform their body and, ultimately, their life every day. But, don’t take our word for it, just scroll down and watch or read their stories below.

As a working mom myself, I understand your frustrations:

  • I’ve tried horrible diets that don’t work or impossible to maintain
  • I’ve had that extra layer of fat (love handles) that made me feel unattractive
  • I’ve dealt with the guilt of not following through my promises to myself
  • I’ve had constant concerns about my health and self esteem
  • I’ve done many long unproductive and boring workouts before I found out what worked
  • I hated shopping for bigger clothes and looking in that full sized dressing room mirror?
  • I’ve spent hours and hours in a smelly gym without seeing results

As you can see, I’ve tried a lot fitness gizmos, pills, and programs that simply didn’t work.

What we can share with you is a fitness and fat loss system I’ve developed through trial and error which has now been been proven to work over and over again with our countless clients we’ve helped before you. To prove it to you, listen to what some of our members are saying about our rapid results producing program.

“I’ve lost weight 20 lbs. I feel more energetic and have better mental capacity throughout the day.”
“I have gone from a size 14 down to a 9/10 and 10 very unwanted lbs.”

“I’m more fit now at age 64 than I was in high school. I went from 240 lbs down to 185 lbs.”

“I was afraid to try bootcamp at first, but I was glad I did. Now, I’m addicted.”

“My cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure are now at healthy levels.”

“I love the supportive atmosphere at Transform FX Fitness.”

“I’ve thrown away 20 pounds and I am better equipped to handle stress.”

“I got energy like I’m 30 again!”

Based on the stories you’ve seen, I’ve designed a proven fitness system that works no matter what you’ve tried in the past. I call it our, “5-Step Fitness Makeover System.” So, I challenge you to put our system to the test and get results you can see and feel…


or Simply call us at 925.289.8042 to find out more information about our program.
In order to give you the results you’re looking for, we’re going to carefully coach you and help you integrate our 5-Step Fitness Makeover System into your lifestyle so that you not only see immediate results but you also maintain them for life!

Using our 5-Step Fitness Makeover System:

  • Step #1: We will get your initial assessments so we can determine your starting point.
  • Step#2: We will set-up your initial phone call or meeting so we can determine your health and fitness goals. Once we’ve set your goals, we will then design a customized, step by step nutrition plan that fits your lifestyle so you’ll know exactly what types of food to eat.
  • Step#3: You will go through 3-4 45-minute, fun (never boring), fat-burning workout sessions a week where your fitness coach will make sure you are performing the exercises correctly by checking for proper form. This way, you are maximizing your calorie burning potential with each and every and never get injured so you stay consistent with your workouts. We place utmost importance to this because we know that the sooner you see results, the more motivated you will be in following our program, and the more you’ll be able to maintain your results for the long-term.
  • Step #4: If you need additional coaching or have any questions about your fitness and nutrition plan, we are always available via e-mail, phone call or before and after bootcamp to support you. You will never be alone in your fitness journey again.
  • Step #5: We will make sure you are staying on track with your workout and nutrition by checking-in on you if you miss a workout or re-evaluating your plan if/when you’ve reached a plateau or not seeing the results you were hoping for. This is the only way we can make sure you are continually seeing results.

I’m so confident with the results you’re going to get with our program but don’t take my word for it, here is what some of our clients have to say:







or Simply call us at 925.289.8042 to find out more information about our program.



or Simply call us at 925.289.8042 to find out more information about our program.




or Simply call us at 925.289.8042 to find out more information about our program.

“After trying out TFX I felt invigorated after just the first 30 days & knew this was not the same old gym or workout routine.”
“I’ve regained my motivation, desire, and energy to work on my body inside & out.”
“I’m 20 pounds lighter and several inches smaller.”
“The key to my drive has been working out in a group environment because I see everyone else working hard and that makes me want to work hard also.”




or Simply call us at 925.289.8042 (Concord) or 225.330.2829 (Baton Rouge) to find out more information about our program.

Keep moving forward,


Anna Dornier
Transform FX Fitness Bootcamp
Concord, CA and Baton Rouge, LA

P.S. You CAN do this. All you have to do is let me “prove it” to you over the next week. It’s only $7 for 4 workouts sessions which is valued at $97. We guarantee that you will lose at least 5 lbs or 5 inches during your first week or we’ll refund you your $7. Chat with us right now by calling 925.289.8042 (Concord) or 225.330.2829 (Baton Rouge) or click here to Register.

P.P.S. Remember, your success is Guaranteed or your money back! Make sure you make the right choice and Call 925.289.8042 (Concord) or 225.330.2829 (Baton Rouge) to get started NOW.

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