Success Stories

“Being a single mother, a caregiver of an ill parent, and running my own business, I easily found excuses not to take care of myself. The most common excuse – “I am just too busy”! Well that excuse coupled with a horrible diet, took me down 6 years ago and I became quite ill. I was hospitalized on numerous occasions, prescribed massive amounts of antibiotics, and surgery was the recommendation of doctors. I ballooned to a weight of 170 wearing a size 12. I had enough! I wanted to be around for my family and have enough energy to enjoy my daughter.

I tried working out on my own at a variety of different gyms but found myself giving up very easily. I hired a personal trainer but got bored quick. Through chiropractic, acupuncture and energy healing I was able to get my health back on the right track and began to eat more healthy. My weight went down from 170 to 140 and I am now a size 8. But my energy and ability to manage my stress level was still not there until I found Anna and the coaches (Gary pictured with Monika) at Transform FX Fitness Bootcamp in Concord.”

I absolutely enjoy working out and when I miss a day I feel it! My weight has dropped to 130 and I am now back to my college size of a 4/6. My energy level is so high that I now outrun my 11 year old and just recently ran my first 5k in 20+ years and this one was an obstacle course! Besides finally liking my shape, the best part is knowing that by taking care of myself I am better able to take care of my family and clients! That feeling is priceless.

~ Monika – Financial Advisor, Pleasant Hill, CA

“I recently completed one year as a Transform FX client. The positives that I see are numerous but here are 10:

1. 30 lb weight loss
2. Endurance – Can run up the steep hill near my home, jog over a mile and walk up 4 flights of stairs without getting so winded I feel I am about to die.
3. Had to buy new clothes, dropped 4 dress sizes.
4. I have more fun shopping because I can find things that fit.
5. I look forward to exercising. I am addicted to sweating. Prior to Transform after a week or two of exercise, I would find excuses not to attend.
6. No fat rolls on my back. A friend hugged be and said. “Where’s the other half of you?”
7. I have muscles. (lol)
8. I feel incredible and like I can do anything. I am not stressed out.
9. I sleep through the night.
10. By becoming healthier, I am prolonging the quality of my life as I age.”

~ Lemyrtle – Accountant, Benicia, CA

“This is for everyone – young or old, male or female, fit or not, this is for you!   It’s been 8 weeks and I have lost 27 pounds toward my goal of losing 52 pounds. Before joining Transform FX Fitness,  I tried every diet, supplement, and gym program out there.  I continued to gain weight and the only thing I lost was my money.  Gym sessions can work, but it’s hard to push yourself and to keep motivated. Working out at Transform FX is not only motivational, but it’s really fun.  You meet new people who have the same goals, you work with very supportive coaches, and it’s never boring – I’ve learned over 40 new exercises!   The exercise is challenging at first but it quickly becomes addictive;  you feel better and you want to do more. My blood pressure is way down, I am more alert, and I have lots more energy!

~ Rauly Butler, Banker, Orinda, CA

At 64 I am in better physical condition than I have been since I was a white water river guide in 1973. At age 62 I reached the nadir of my fitness weighing 240 and incapable of jumping rope for 30 seconds. Trainers at Transform FX Fitness provide well-balanced workouts which start and end on time, and which easily adapted to my totally out of shape beginning and my fairly-fit present. The variety of exercises used provides well balanced conditioning and the group setting provides just enough social encouragement to complete a few extra reps each time. Now weighing 185 my doctor no longer mentions “pre-diabetes” and cholesterol which was approaching cautionary levels is now mid chart with good cholesterol on the higher side. Statistics aside, being fit is a great mood elevator. Obesity made reaching my shoes to tie them a challenge. Being fit frees me to meet the challenges of my dreams. I cannot see a time when I would not want to continue to workout with Transform FX Fitness.

~ Dan L, Business Attorney, Concord, CA


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“Thank you so much for your great leadership on my diet and exercise program.  I have lost 24 pounds since I started.  I feel great and my clothes are almost too big!  The bootcamp exercises are great because I can set my own difficulty level and the workout goes by quickly (not tedious or boring). Your food intake counseling is very helpful.  During bootcamp, and even during meal planning on my own, you are a great inspiration.  I try to recommend your program to as many people as I can.”

~ Jenny Lind – Owner of Senior Helpers, Walnut Creek, CA

“They say that T.V. adds 10lbs, but it wasn’t until I saw myself on Judge Judy that I realized how bad I looked and how much weight I’ve gained over the years. Even my own mother said I needed to lose weight. You know it’s bad when your mom says you need to lose a few pounds! I had been “planning” to get back into shape for years, but never really had the discipline to stick with my workouts. That’s where Transform FX Fitness Boot Camp came along.

Transform FX boot camp has given my workout regimen a much needed shake-up. In a few short weeks, I noticed my endurance had increased, that I’m leaner, stronger, and the shape of my body had visibly changed. I am feeling fit and strong and a whole new life is opening up to me as I am experiencing a transformation within myself, as well as taking ownership of my physical body. I am so grateful for Anna’s encouragement & enthusiasm for fitness, as well as the tremendous support that the fellow boot campers give each other.

Transform FX boot camp is fun, every workout is different. The workouts are safe, exhausting but energizing and functional for our everyday life. I have never felt more in shape not just my body, but my mind and spirit! I have found an untapped well of energy and a new-found confidence that helps me push over obstacles in my daily life.”

~ Steve Jones, Architect, Bay Point, CA

“For the first time in my life I am able to say that I have exercised on a weekly basis for seven months. Several times have I tried working out and have had plans on sticking with it, but for one reason or another I have just not been able to stay motivated. When starting the boot camp I didn’t have plans on making a lifestyle change and definitely didn’t think I would try to adjust my schedule in order to keep working out. I now find myself looking forward to working out, seeing the others in the class, and hopefully having a great body by summer. I feel great and have noticed a big change in my body and my self esteem. So far I have lost almost 15 pounds as well as several inches. I have also noticed my clothes fitting much better. My biggest problem area has always been my belly and “love handles” which never seem to go away, but now I am proud to say that I have a pretty flat stomach and hardly any love handles left. To top it all off I feel healthier, am more confident, have more energy, feel stronger and just feel better all around.”

~ Anita – Nursing Student, Concord, CA

Tracey Gentile
“I am a RN who works at Sutter Delta Medical Center in Antioch. I joined Transform FX Fitness back in November 2011. Diet and fitness have always been an important part of my life. I have never been one to join a gym or any kind of fitness class though. I preferred to do my workouts in the privacy of my own home. I had done a lot of work over the past few years to lose the 20 extra pounds I had gained in previous years, but once I started working the overnight shift from 7PM-7:30AM it became really hard to become motivated and have the energy to workout at home.

I began to realize quickly that I needed to join something to give me the motivation to work out or else I would undo all of my hard work. I came across Transform FX Fitness from a Living Social deal and immediately bought it. I knew it would be tough to make the classes with my varied work schedule, but my schedule actually fit perfectly for that first month so it must have been destiny! I went on that first day and was hooked! I loved it and continue to love it every day, and am so glad I have since joined as a full member and force myself to go after work in the mornings even if I am dead tired. I always feel energized afterwards.

My favorite part of boot camp, especially since I am new to California and don’t know too many people, is the people and the socialization. It is so much better than working out alone at home. First off, I definitely get that accountability that I needed. If I am thinking about skipping class I see these people as depending on me to be there so I go and have a good time. I love that we all push each other to do more and be more in those 45 minutes of working out. The trainers have been great also. It is so important to have proper form and they are always there to correct and encourage you. They are there to support you nutritionally and mentally and their main goal is always to make a healthier happier person out of each of us! I have had the privilege of training with each of the trainers and they are all great.

Let’s talk about results because after all the proof is in the numbers. Since joining I have lost 10+ pounds and about 5% body fat. I have also lost countless inches all over my body, most importantly that stubborn belly fat. My biggest success came with the 30 day program where I was able to kick those last 5 pounds and inches in my belly. Most importantly I feel more energized, healthy, and happy. Working out has become my favorite part of the day. To anyone thinking about joining I would say “what are you waiting for???!!!” Honestly there is no time like the present to get in shape and take your health back. So many people do not make this a priority in life and as a nurse who sees chronically ill and obese people on a daily basis I cannot say how important this is. If you are like me and are shy about working out in public or don’t know if the class is right for you please give it a try. You will not be sorry! The trainers are all great and it really is the people in the class that make it. The clients are all fabulous people and they make it fun and worthwhile.”

~ Tracey Gentile, Registered Nurse, Antioch, CA

“Anna Dornier is a dedicated and energetic fitness trainer who provides challenging and varied work outs in a supportive and fun environment. I have been taking classes with Anna since last September and it is the first time in my life that I have ever stayed with any exercise program for an extended period of time. I have come a long way since I started and plan on continuing. I am, at this point, the oldest person in the class and after six months am not only able to keep up, but continue to improve my level of fitness.

When I first saw the advertisement for Anna’s Boot Camp, I was fearful that it would be too difficult for me, but after a reassuring phone call from Anna, I enrolled and have just kept on. I recall the first time Anna scheduled a series of short sprints as one of our daily exercises and I laughed noting that I probably hadn’t run in several decades. Well, I did it and with continued regular exercise can now jump rope, run, and do full pushups among other skills. Most importantly, my body is firmer and in better shape and I have dropped one jean size.

Anna offers healthy dietary suggestions as part of her total fitness program and is more than willing to provide individual attention and instruction. The classes provide a challenging workout for participants of any age who not only become supportive exercise partners but actual friends.”

~ Linda – Registered Nurse, Concord, CA

“Donna: I lost 15 lbs, getting stronger, and more motivated than ever.” width=”300″ height=”226″ /> Donna: I lost 15 lbs, getting stronger, and more motivated than ever.[/caption]

“I have been working out with Anna for 8 months now. I just turned 50 and play a lot of tennis with 60-70 year olds and they say their secret is to keep active and keep moving. I want to play tennis when I am 70, so it is up to me to keep strong and flexible. Working out with all of the great people in our class for the past 6 months has been great. I appreciate the support and the encouragement from them, but Anna will not let you quit. She has pushed me farther and keeps me focused on my goals. She knows what she is doing! She is the 3rd trainer that I have worked with and she know a lot about the human body and how to become fit, healthy, and happy. Who doesn’t want that in their lives? Because of Anna, I am so much stronger and have muscles in places I haven’t seen since I was a teenager.

Give the bootcamp a try and you will be amazed!”

~ Donna – Concord, CA

“I originally signed up for this class because I am someone who does not enjoy going to the gym. I’m never quite sure if my form is right, am I doing enough sets, how do I work certain muscles, etc. I’m also guilty of paying monthly for a membership and rarely going to the gym – which ends up costing more in the end due to lack of motivation. I enjoyed this class from day one because we were exercising outside and had an expert, like Anna, who was telling me exactly what to do and how to do it. I’m motivated and it feels good. I enjoy the challenge of doing something as “simple” as a push-up. I learned you don’t always need weights to get a good workout and build muscle. I enjoy doing something different and challenging at each class and I don’t ever get bored. I want to do more and improve with each class thanks to Anna.

You make everything look easy (even though its not always as easy as it looks!) and you are there to correct me if needed. You put up with our complaints when the class seems impossible to get through and always remind us that we’ll be happy we did it in the end! I need that. I know if I’m late I’ll need to do push-ups or if I miss a class you’ll will be texting me to find out why. This doesn’t happen at the gym and it has made me want to continue with my workout because you hold me accountable. I need that. I’m proud of how far I’ve come – jump rope, push-ups, plank – could NOT do them 6-months ago and I can now! I feel that my body is leaner and stronger and I feel great about it. I have more energy, I look forward to working out and I’m proud of how far I’ve come.

Thank you Anna for all your help and motivation!”

~ April – Mom of 2, Concord, CA

Pam Brown
“I joined TFX as I wanted to take care of myself, feel stronger, be healthy both inside & out. After being a member at a traditional gym I saw results but my workouts became monotonous & I slowly became bored & started to lose focus. This went on for quite a few years. I would get motivated and work out regularly but I would always seem to end up in the same place ~ seeing like progress & little support from the trainers. After trying out TFX I felt invigorated after just the first 30 days & knew this was not the same old gym or workout routine. I definitely see results in my weight as well as my overall body appearance, my clothes are fitting better almost on the big side & I have more energy. I look forward to working out now and my body actually craves the endorphins.

The workouts are just 45 minutes they go by so quickly but I always walk away feeling so exhilarated more than I would after 2 hours at the gym. I appreciate all the positive encouragement from the trainers during the workout & their reassurance when I can push myself to go harder or stronger as well as their guidance when I hit a plateau or not progressed as I should. They help me pinpoint where I could see better results. I highly urge anyone who is thinking of starting a workout routine or even those going to a gym to come to TFX just give it a try & see the results!”

~ Pam Brown, Concord, CA

Kathy Goldberg
“I joined Transform FX in December 2011. For the past 1 1/2 years I struggled with my motivation or desire to “get-back-in-shape”. I felt like I was on a constant roller coaster ride with exercising and with my eating habits. I didn’t want to spend the money on a gym membership to work out for 2 hours 5 days a week to get the minimal results that I’ve gotten in the past. Another TFX member suggested I try bootcamp one night because she talked highly of it and what sold me was “it’s ONLY 45 minutes”. So…I had to see for myself. Since then, I’ve been a member and in 3 months I’ve lost weight and several inches all around. I enjoy how all the sessions are filled with different exercises ~ the routines are never the same. I’ve regained my motivation, desire, and energy to work on my body inside & out. I’ve motivated my husband too…he’s more of a gym rat than a bootcamper, however, I’ve seen his results and he has thanked me. My trainer(s) have been a huge help with keeping me accountable for my daily nutritional log and providing me with various food suggestions when I’m feeling like I’m in a food rut. Several of my friends have commented on how I look and I then go into my sales-mode to have them try TFX one night. I know it will change their life like it has changed mine!!!!”

~ Kathy Goldberg, Concord, CA

Carolina Quinonez
“I was browsing Group-on one day and found this great 4 week deal for boot camp sessions in Concord. It was great timing because that same day I was trying on a pair of what I use to call my “fat jeans” and they were fitting snug. I decided to purchase the deal and see if this would finally give me the motivation I was looking for to get back into shape. It is March 2012 now and I joined in August of 2011 20 pounds lighter and several inches smaller I can definitely say I found the motivation that I was looking for with TFX.

TFX doesn’t provide you magic excelsior or gimmicks to lose weight fast. Instead what Anna and her team of trainers (Ale and Sean) provide you with are ways in which to incorporate exercise and eating healthy into your everyday life. With my hectic work and commute schedule incorporating healthy eating habits was pretty hard especially for someone like me who hates to cook and just has very little time to do much of anything. To sum it up I pretty much ate out all the time and would hardly look at what I was putting into my body. When I met with Anna to go over my nutrition she pointed out that preparing your own food and eating less processed food could really help with weight loss. She also went over keeping a food journal to but down what you are eating and track your calorie intake. This definitely makes you more aware and accountable for what you but into your body. Keeping a food journal has really changed my eating habits but best of all its made me learn how to cook.

What I love about TFX is that it doesn’t matter the shape that you are in or if you have never worked out in your life. Anna, Ale and Sean work with you and strive to get you into the shape you want to be in. Not only that, they will modify an exercise for you should you have any aliments that prevent you from doing certain motions that an exercise requires. I enjoy the people I get to work out with and the instructors we get to train with and I want to thank them for helping me and the others strive to attain our weight loss goals.”

~ Carolina Quinonez, Banker, Fairfield, CA


or Simply call us at 925.289.8042(Concord) or 225.330.2829 (Baton Rouge) to find out more information about our program.
Kenny Mendoza
“The reason I joined Transform X Fitness Bootcamp was because I was tired of being a couch potato. In the process, I kept putting on weight and I started to have low self-esteem and confidence. Bottom line, I just didn’t feel good about the way I looked or felt.

I signed up for the 5:45am class and I can’t believe I get excited about attending every morning! Since I’ve joined, I have more energy and my muscles are beginning to tone. More importantly, I feel really good about myself and I feel like I even walk “taller!”

I really enjoy the fast pace of the class. I also get to do new exercises, which means the classes never get boring. I really enjoy the exercises that utilize the kettlebell and dumbbells because I feel my muscles working. The key to my drive has been working out in a group environment because I see everyone else working hard and that makes me want to work hard also. Just as valuable are the trainers, as they modify exercises to fit your needs and serve as motivators during each class.

I would encourage everyone to try out Transform X because it will really change the way you feel about yourself. The most important thing you can invest on is yourself, especially your health. These classes are fun, efficient, and will keep you coming back for more.”

~ Kenny Mendoza, Concord, CA

Michelle Henry

“I joined Transform FX in September 2011 when I decided it was time to get back into shape. My coworker was raving about a boot camp class that he was taking, which happened to be Transform FX. I received an offer on for an introductory trial. I thought I’d give it a try for a month, but I ended up liking it so much that I extended my membership. I have tried many different classes and gyms over the years, but I feel Transform FX is different. It’s addicting! The 45-minute classes are more effective than spending hours in a typical gym. I look forward to the classes and I rave about them to anyone who’ll listen. Since joining Transform FX, I’ve noticed that I feel a lot stronger and I sleep like a rock after classes. My posture has improved and I even notice definition in my arms that I haven’t seen in years. The classes are great – my instructor is so helpful and keeps me motivated. I like that each class is different, so I never get bored with the workouts. I’ve learned so many new exercises (I can count at least 40!) and proper technique. Plus, all of my classmates are so friendly and help each other get through the workouts. In my class, there are a lot of cheers, woo hoo’s and high five’s! I would highly recommend Transform FX to anyone who is looking for a fun way to get in shape and feel great!”

~ Michelle Henry, Pleasant Hill, CA

“I came across Transform FX as a promotion and thought I’d check it out for a month. After the first week I was instantly addicted and a year and a half later here I am still going strong.

I’ve had some sort of traditional gym membership for years. I wasn’t really seeing any results because it was too easy for me to come up with an excuse not to go. When I did make it to the gym I’d have to go off hours to avoid the crowds and I would end up frustrated with myself for not going consistently. What I love about Transform FX is that it’s a guaranteed intense workout and it never gets boring because it’s different every time.

Since starting boot camp I’ve lost 18 lbs. Although this may not seem like much I’ve been able to keep it off for a year and a half now. The benefits to my health have been monumental. When I started boot camp my blood pressure was getting high hovering around 145/85 last night my reading was 121/80. I now have more energy and feel great all day long. The benefits of this class became very real after the first physical I had after having done boot camp for a few months. My cholesterol which is supposed to be 200 or less was at 224 now it’s at 163. My Triglycerides which are supposed to be 150 or less were at 285 and are now 107. My glucose which is supposed to be 100 or less was at 110 and is now 83. I am definitely in better physical health because of this class.

Ale the trainer (pictured with David) that teaches my class is fantastic. She takes the time to demonstrate all the exercises and also the alternatives for those with limitations. She is very attentive to everyone’s needs and makes sure you are pushing yourself. She’s always there to motivate you to do those couple extra reps at the end that you wouldn’t have done otherwise.

Besides the great workout and awesome staff the people that go to this class are very nice. It’s not a fashion show like at most gyms. There are people of all ages and fitness levels who attend.

I love this class and I plan on continuing for years to come.”

~ David I., IT Specialist at John Muir, Concord, CA


or Simply call us at 925.289.8042(Concord) or 225.330.2829 (Baton Rouge) to find out more information about our program.