OBD Resources

This page contains the step-by-step instructions on getting you black dress ready by December 13th.

It also has all the resources available to you during the program and where you can find them. Please look through this page first if you’re looking for something and bookmark it for future reference.

This page is FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. Thank you for keeping it private.

Watch the recorded kick-off session if you missed it or want to review it:

Step #1:

Sign and complete your Official Operation Black Dress commitment form and turn it in to your coach if you weren’t able to attend the kick-off session. Download it by clicking this link:

Operation Black Dress Commitment Form

Step #2:

Complete your black dress goals sheet which you may download here: My Black Dress Goals

Once you complete your goal sheet, post it where you can see it EVERYDAY such as your fridge or your office cubicle.

Step #3:

Take your before photos, 1 side view and 1 front view, and send them to anna@transformfxfitness.com. If you’re attending the Operation Black Dress Kick-off Session, we can also take these for you along with your measurements.

Step #4:

Buy your black dress (or take out the one you want to fit into from your closet), take a picture of it, and bring it with you along with the receipt to the kick-off session.

Then, post a picture of your black dress here:

[link] (We will do this during the kick-off session so stay tuned.)

There’s something magical about declaring your goal(s) to the world – in this case, Facebook 🙂 Once you do, you are more likely to achieve them. Just do it and watch the magic happen!

Step #5:

Make sure you are part of our secret Operation Black Dress group page if we haven’t added you already:

Operation Black Dress Private Group

This is our virtual headquarters and it’s going to be huge part of the program. So, make sure you’re on there everyday to check-in. You may also take screen shots of your LoseIt log and post them there. It’s the easiest way to stay in touch and stay on track!

Step #6:

Find your TFX coaches on Loseit.com so we can share the meal plan recipes with you (Yes, we’ve entered it for you to make logging easier – You’re welcome…LOL). This way, we can also view your exercise & food logs and support you all the way!

Anna’s Lose it e-mail: anna@transformfxfitness.com
Ale’s Lose it e-mail: ale@transformfxfitness.com
Tawnya’s Lose it e-mail: tawnya@transformfxfitness.com

Step #7:

Calculate your calorie intake first then your macronutrient ratios using the following files:

Calorie Intake Calculator

Macronutrient Calculator

Step #8:

Download Your Weekly Meal Plans and Grocery Lists here:

Get Your Sexy Back Week 1 Meal Plan

Abs Attack Week 2 Meal Plan

Turkey Throw Down Week 3 Meal Plan

Bootilicious Week 4 Meal Plan

Photoshoot Ready Week 5 Meal Planning Challenge: We will be working on the principle: “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man how to fish and she eats for a lifetime.”

This week, we’re challenging you to step up and create your own meal plans from the strategies you’ve learned throughout the last 4 weeks. Post samples of your meal plans by Saturday, December th, in our FB group so we can give you feedback.

It would be fun to see how much you’ve learned from meal planning so far which is key to maintaining your results and really establishing a healthy lifestyle.

AAAHHH…I Forgot to Prepare Tips

Operation Black Dress Meal Planning Substitution List

Step #9:

Log your workouts and Meal Plans on Loseit.com or the Loseit App on your smartphone. We’ve entered our recipes in Lose it as described on the meal plans so you can enter them easily into your logs.

Post screen captures of your logs at our Operation Black Dress private Facebook group for even more consistent results!

Step #10:

Reach out to your team members and Anna (cell: 562-472-7778) when you need extra support or in times of emergency (like when you feel the need to get fast food and/or about to go through the drive-thru).

Step #11:

Make it to your live bootcamp workouts at least 3x a week. If you’d like to add a 4th workout session, it would just be an extra $20 for the duration of the program.

If you’re short on time or doing the program with us online, you may access your workouts here:

Get Your Sexy Back Week 1 Workouts

Abs Attack Week 2 Workouts

Turkey Throwdown Week 3 Workouts

Bootilicious Week 4 = Choose your favorite week of workouts from the last 3 weeks plus add a Strategic Cardio session

Photo Shoot Ready Week 5 = Choose your favorite week of workouts from the last 3 weeks plus add 2 Strategic Cardio sessions

Stop the cardio madness!!! Get the most results out of your cardio sessions by following this program: 8-week Strategic Cardio

Step #12:

EVERY WEEK fill out this weekly checklist to assess how well you did during the week. This is a Word document so you can simply type in or highlight your responses and e-mail them to Anna and your designated coach.

This is a MUST DO! => Operation Black Dress Weekly Checklist