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Too Busy to Go Anywhere? Find Out How to Burn Fat in 45 Minutes at Home …No Gym Required

Having personally worked with many local bootcamp clients over the years, I realized one of the things that helped them get steady fat loss results – CONSISTENCY. But, there is no doubt that life happens. Too many times, we get off track from our nutrition and fitness routines. Before we know it, we’re missing workouts because we just have too many other things to take care of.

Finally...Bootcamp Workouts You Can Do at Home

It’s a fact – there are many things that fight for our time and attention – there’s work, the kid’s soccer practice, the PTA meeting, laundry, and so on. Unfortunately, when too many things happen in our lives and we don’t have time, our health and fitness usually suffer first.

A Time-Saving Fitness Solution

I hear similar stories from potential clients where they think they have to devote at least 2 hours of their day just to workout. Then, they come to our fitness bootcamps and they’re amazed at how much they can do in 45 minutes with warm-up and cool down included. The actual workout is only 24 minutes long!

The great news is, you can have access to these same workouts in the convenience of your own home so you save time!

Just think about it – you will actually save time (and money) by not having to drive anywhere.

Besides time, there is another factor that will dictate how successful you are in losing weight and maintaining it for the long-haul – ENJOYMENT! Most people who go to our fitness bootcamps do not like the gym. Even the thought of going there does not excite them. There’s not doubt that if you’re having fun with your workouts, YOU WILL STICK TO IT.

3 Things That Will Make You Fall in Love These Home Bootcamp Workouts

#1 No Boring Exercises and Workouts – You get new workouts every two weeks so you don’t ever get bored of your routine. Forget your boring workout routine. You will actually have fun doing our workouts.

#2 Short Workouts – these workouts will keep you engaged! Just when you think it’s getting challenging, the timer stops and you’re done.

#3 Results, Baby! – imagine a workout that helps you burn more calories in less time. Even after you’re done with your workout, you will still be burning calories for up to 36 hours. Plus, you’re building muscle so you’re increasing your metabolism even more. This translates to more results for you – over time.

Follow Your Workouts from Your Computer, TV or Ipad/Ipod

When you= have a busy schedule or if you travel a lot, convenience is key when it comes to keeping up with your workouts. Besides the fact that you will be using very minimal equipment during On Demand Bootcamp workouts, you can also access them from your computer or other media devices that have an internet connection, wherever you go.

With your On Demand Bootcamp Membership you get:

2 new complete follow-along workout videos every 2 weeks which total up to 13 sessions a month to maximize your fat burning potential and achieve phenomenal results in less time

Access to unparalleled fitness trainer support and accountability through e-mail (whenever you need it) so that you will know exactly what to do and in what order to do them to achieve your goals

On Demand Nutrition Starter book which diet tweaks and strategies that teaches you nutrition principles so you can personalize your eating plan based on your goals and lifestyle so you can follow your plan even when “life” gets in the way

A $147 Value

Normally $97

Limited Time for only $47 a month

Note: On Demand Bootcamp workout videos are accessed online. No physical products are shipped.

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Get Results or Your Money Back!

As with any fitness program, On Demand Bootcamp workouts do require effort on your part. But, know that these workouts are purposeful and can become very rewarding for you. When you learn how to effectively progress with your intensity for each exercise, I guarantee that you will like what you get from it and feel more motivated to want to do more workouts. You may find that you’ll actually look forward to your workouts.

As a fitness trainer who has charged anywhere from $95-$1500+ for bootcamps and one-to-one training, I’ve decided to help more people out with this focused and very affordable program.

I’m really excited to be able to offer this to you and I think you will really love what you get from it once you put it to use!

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