Our Team

Anna Dornier
Owner/Fitness Coach
B.S. University of California – Davis
RKC, NASM-CPT, Z-Health R-Phase Certified

Why I became a Fitness Coach

Hi, my name is Anna and I’m the founder of Transform FX Fitness Bootcamp in Concord and your fitness coach. I fell in love with pumping iron, how it makes me feel, and how it changes my body a few years ago after it has made me stronger than I can ever imagine. But, it was not until a few years ago that I was able to take my fitness to the next level after experimenting with various types of training which I then share with you with the bootcamp workouts. After having lost 25 lbs, I am in the best shape of my life and I want to share my knowledge and experience to the whole world.

What my work means to me

As somebody who has struggled with weight gain a few years ago, I’ve been through a complex series of trial and error with my fitness and nutrition. So, just like any regular man and woman out there, I too have (and still do from time to time) encountered difficulties in the weight loss department. The good news is: I’m not holding back. I am sharing all of my fat loss strategies with you because I want you to succeed – just like I did. Helping others who have trouble with fat loss is my passion. My biggest reward as a fitness trainer is helping my clients get amazing results. This is the driving force that motivates me to deliver the best health and fitness information to my clients every day.

What my work means to others


I am in an endless search for great fitness and nutrition tools to keep things fun, exciting, and effective. This means that I am continually learning to enhance my knowledge about this industry so that I can give my clients the best results possible. This means that my clients can trust that they are getting the finest fitness advice that will fit their situation and their lifestyle.

Alejandra Adaui

I am originally from Lima, Peru and so is my husband. I am the youngest out of six kids and I am the only one of my entire family that doesn’t live in Lima. Growing up, we were always a very close family, always doing things together, always telling jokes and having a blast. So when I left Peru and my family it was really difficult for me to adjust but I adjusted well. Today my husband and I have a beautiful, 11 year old daughter.

As a family we really like to stay active. We love going to the beach and go surfing, snowboarding or skiing. I really enjoy singing and dancing as well as my workouts. But, it wasn’t always that way for me. When my father passed away very suddenly in 2007, his death really affected me to the point where I stopped caring about myself because I was very close to him. This is when I started to gain weight. So, I found myself struggling with my weight for quite some time. I had no energy, I was depressed, and I remember being out of breath just by going up the stairs or playing with my daughter. Overall, I was not very healthy. So, one day, I decided that this had to change.

I started to do some research on how to lose weight fast. I tried everything from pills to fad diets to not eating and nothing worked. Now I realize that there is no “secret” to weight loss and we all know it. I now know that we have to exercise and eat a healthy and balance diet in order to get in shape and stay healthy. This is what I did and continue to do.

After losing 35 lbs I fell in love with working out, finding out all the different ways there is to incorporate good nutrition into your lifestyle and how fun all these things can be. I realized I wanted to help people that like me struggle with their weight and to let them know that they can do it too. Today, that has become my passion, I love what I do.

Here at Transform FX Fitness, we help our clients reach their fitness goals by helping them with their lifestyle nutrition changes and by providing them with challenging yet fun workouts! Become a part of our community, make friends that share similar fitness goals, and have the best time of your life!

To your health,
Alejandra Adaui


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