At Transform FX Fitness Bootcamp, we challenge our boot campers to train like athletes and take them out of their comfort zones all while enjoying their workouts.  While we keep our workouts challenging, people can work at their own pace that corresponds to their fitness levels even though they may find that their physical performance improves during the first week of bootcamp. A good fitness program is something that you would constantly enjoy doing but would still challenge your body so that it can make the changes that you are looking for.  Each person has unique fitness goals and we take these goals into consideration when we design our workouts.

One more thing that makes us different, we guarantee your results or your money back!

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Transform FX Fitness workouts are designed to burn fat, even from the most stubborn areas like the belly, hips, and buttocks, safely, effectively, and efficiently.  When done consistently, you will be amazed at: how much you enjoy the workouts, how much stronger you’re getting week after week, and how looser your clothes fit. Even your friends and family will notice the difference!


Fitness assessments such as circumference measurements, body fat percentage, Maximal Oxygen consumption (VO2), etc, are taken before and after the 4-week session in order to evaluate each individual’s improvements. These assessments are important because it provides our bootcampers results-based feedback so that they can decide on their next steps in their health and fitness journey.

There’s never a dull day here at Transform FX Fitness. Each day is different. The workouts are specifically designed to include various types of strength, core, flexibility, reactive, and conditioning training that will ensure noticeable advancement in physical fitness and body composition. Human bodies are designed to work in unison so we address even minor flexibility issues at our bootcamps to ensure that your body runs like a well oiled machine day in and day out.

Besides the workout sessions, bootcampers get access to a private-members only online community where members can keep a record of their progress, workout notes, and nutrition log.  This community is also a great way to ask questions, get advice, look for healthy recipes, find support, learn from other members, and find valuable fitness and nutritional resources.


or Simply call us at 925.289.8042 (Concord) or 225.330.2929 (Baton Rouge) to find out more information about our program.