24 Day Challenge Success Stories

by Anna D

A lot of our clients have been asking about what the 24 Day Challenge is all about so we thought we’d give you more information about it. But, before I go into details as to what the challenge entails, I think it’s better if you hear about the experience and results of other transformers who have done it already.

Here are just a few:

Sheri B.


“I tried Jenny Craig, Nutrisystems, Weight Watchers (which I actually did really well) but then I was diagnosed with colon cancer and had to have surgery, after my surgery I was not able to exercise for quite a long time, I watched what I ate but I just could not keep the weight off. Shortly after that I had my Thyroid tested and found that I had an inactive thyroid, so my metabolism was very slow. In October of last year I had gotten very depressed and really hated myself and the way I looked, I just felt terrible, I wanted to be able to wear shorts in the summer and dresses and I just couldn’t with the way I looked. Since I joined in October of last year till now I have lost a total of 16 lbs. and 2 pant sizes! I feel great and have such a great attitude now and I really could not have done it without Anna and Ale to keep me motivated!” ~ Sheri

Liz S.


“I’ve been doing boot camp for over a year and I love the classes, the trainers, and the work out I get is amazing. However, I’ve always struggled with my diet and making good food choices. I’ve done the low carb diet for years and while it has helped me lose weight, it’s not that easy to stay firm on due to the total elimination of certain food groups.

I saw results in the way my clothes fit after just 7 days [of the 24 Day Challenge] but the way I felt was the best part. I’ve gone from drinking 2-3 cups of coffee a day to 1-2 a week and I’ve completely eliminated soda from my diet. I do cheat here and there but it’s really easy to get right back on the program. After the first 21 days I lost a total of 10 pounds and almost 10 inches! I’m so happy with the program that I am going to continue taking the products (MNS, Spark, Catalyst) and follow the meal plan.” ~ Liz

Karen C.


Jackie N.


Jackie is my sister-in-law who lost 15 lbs and 31 inches in 10 weeks!

Not only did she have some thyroid issues when she started, I also had to coach her from thousands of miles away (she lives in Japan). She didn’t make any excuses and she’s still losing pounds even after the challenge is over!!!

Amy J.


So why does the 24 Day Challenge work so well?

Virtually anyone we take through this challenge gets amazing results and here’s why:

  • The Advocare Herbal Cleanse not only cleanses your body of toxins but it also helps heal your digestive system so it can absorb nutrients better. Most of the American population suffers from some type of indigestion or inflamed gut environment. Once we address these underlying problems with the Herbal Cleanse combined with healthy eating, our bodies start to respond because we are able to absorb the nutrients we need from food so that our bodies function much better.This prepares your body for the next step (MNS).
  • The Metabolic Nutrition System (MNS) has Omega-3s, high-quality multi-vitamins, and metabolic enhancers (and depending on the type of MNS you get, appetite control as well). All the ingredients in this system work with one another to provide you with the core nutrition your body needs plus fat-burning or appetite control to help with fat loss. When we combine MNS with Spark, you feel more energy and focus and you become more productive (you don’t feel foggy). And during your workouts, you will find that you can do more and take your workouts to the next level.

Nowadays, because of the modern technologies we use for food production, our foods are not as nutritious as they were several years ago. Thus, the need to get the rest of our nutrients from supplements. It sucks that it has be that way but modern science also allows us to still get our nutrients in a different way so why not take advantage of it.

I used to think that whole foods is the way to go. But, through the years from my own experience and coaching hundreds of clients with their fitness goals, I’ve found that our results get better with the help of high-quality supplements such as those found in the 24 Day Challenge.

Our goal today is not to sell you on 24 Day Challenge. It is merely to give you more information so you can make an educated decision regarding your next steps to take your health to the next level. Typical results from the 24 Day Challenge is 10 lbs and lots of inches lost in the most problem areas, waist, hips, and thighs.

If you are interested in doing the 24 Day Challenge with us, please connect with your coach.

To the best person you can be,


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