10 or 10 Challenge Results – February 2014

by Anna D

It’s truly amazing how much results you can get in just 21 days when you have the right tools and all the support you need. I wanted to recognize all the challengers and winners of our 10 or 10 Challenge for all their hard work. You all deserve the results you got!

Here are our Top 3 Winners:

Mike Arner lost 21 inches and 13.3 lbs and wins the 1st prize of $270

Read Mike’s story to find out just how much he deserves to win first place:

My wife told me that she was doing this challenge and that I should do it with her. Me and my wife are very competitive with each other so I told her that I would if she wanted to make a bet so we did and I joined right then.

I was and still am out of shape, I have very bad knees from playing sports when I was younger. I knew I was unhealthy but I didn’t really feel it.  I hope getting in better shape will help me feel better because right now after a day of work my knees and feet hurt. It keeps me from doing anything after work because all I want to do is sit and watch tv.

My experience during this challenge showed me that I can loose weight if I try.  I love soda that is what I drank all the time never drank water, and I always ate fast food at work. I shocked myself by not having any soda only water. I joke with my wife and tell her I think I drank more water these three weeks than I drank in my whole life. I found out that water isn’t that bad and I’m still gonna try not to drink soda I bought crystal light for when I don’t want straight water.

The results I got from this are I lost 13 pounds we forgot our sheets at the house so I don’t know how many inches, but my clothes all fit a whole lot looser and I can tighten one more notch on my belt.

Tania Belloso-Arner (yes, they are husband and wife) lost 13 inches and 9.1 lbs and wins the 2nd prize of $162

Find out more about Tania’s story:

I’m unhappy with my weight & naturally the way I look. When I saw your email about the 10 or 10 challenge I thought it would be a great opportunity to finally do something about how I feel about myself instead of continuing to say I need to do something. Of course that didn’t stop me from going back and forth with myself about actually signing up & literally waiting for the last day to finally sign up for the challenge.

I’ve tried losing weight before and found it to be extremely difficult because my husband wasn’t on the same page as me. Not having the support at home when I’m trying to eat properly is awful!! So I asked him to join me in the challenge. We’re extremely competitive with each other so we made a wager and the winner is whoever loses the most weight & inches. You have to have both to be the winner (he already beat me with weight loss. Just waiting on the inches).

The challenge was pretty difficult for me but it was great learning how to eat clean. Obviously because I’m so heavy it will be quite some time before I reach my goal weight but this is a great start because I proved to myself if I make the right food choices I will see results. For my husband who drinks soda all day and all night he learned he can survive without all that caffeine & sugar. Plus he’s enjoying the results.

Aisha Baldwin lost 10.5 inches and 8.4 lbs and wins the 3rd prize of $108

Aisha’s story is a must read:

About 2 years ago I developed a allergy which cause me to have hives and welts all over my body. Doctors knew I was allergic to something but after blood test and skin test they could not figure out what it was.  When the hives begin to spread on my face and mouth area doctors were very concerned and put me on a steroid (Prednisone) after being on that medication for 2 weeks I had gained a total of 15lbs. Every time we would try to ween me off the medication the hives and welts would return nothing else seemed to help. I ended up staying on the Prednisone for 8 months.  When I was finally taken of the medication I had gained over 65 lbs…


Screenshot 2014-03-03 13.25.11Despite working out and dieting the weight just would not come off I even tried diet pills that just made me feel sick. It got to the point where I just gave up on trying. I did not like what I saw in the mirror.  It was to the point where I avoided mirrors until after I got dressed. I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin. I make excuses for going out because I didn’t want people who saw me at my previous weight to see my heavier figure. None of my clothes fit anymore and I didn’t know how to dress my new body. My love life suffered.  I couldn’t believe how my weight affected my mind state.

After a while I just got tired of being hard on myself. I joined a weight loss challenge at work.  I bought an elliptical and the Insanity DVDs ( I ended up giving up on the Insanity lol) dieted and ended up losing over 20 lbs… Then the holidays came… From Oct to Dec I gained every pound that I lost back. I felt myself slipping back into my previous mind state of feeling like Ill never get the weight off. I didn’t even bother to workout I would keep telling myself Ill start again tomorrow… I started thinking I already gained it all back I might as well eat what I want and that I did, in excess…

So when I heard about the challenge I though it would be a way to jump start me again.  I needed motivation and a goal to work toward.  I needs something to show me that hard work and dedication would pay off so I could stop feeling discouraged.

In the beginning of the challenge Im not going to lie I thought I was going to completely fail on the diet plan but to my surprise the recipes were actually good and taught me that you don’t always have to have the bread and grease to have something that was delicious. My cravings have changed I find that I want more veggies and fruits now.  A big juicy steak use to be my weakness but now the thought have eating one make me feel a little quesy lol. The MNS, Catalyst and especially Spark helped me get through my workout.  If I drank the Spark before a workout Id want to keep going even after the workout was done.

After the first 10 days I put on some sweatpants I had bought that were extremely tight when I purchase them and I noticed that I now had a little extra room. That’s all the motivation I needed to keep going.  I stuck to the diets and workouts and have lost 8 lbs since the beginning of the challenge.  Even though I didn’t make it to my goal of 10 lbs I am pleased with my results and will keep going.  I don’t think I lost a lot of inches overall but I did loose 7 inches in my stomach alone which I feel really good about! I going to take what I learned about eating clean while doing this challenge and apply it more often if not everyday.  Im actually starting to enjoy working out and don’t feel right unless I get at least one workout In a day so I hope this feeling continues hahaha

Overall I may not have lost the most weight or inches but I accomplished my personal goal of changing my bad habit and getting the jumpstart I needed to being healthier and not just losing weight.


The average inches and weight lost was 8.47 inches and 4.77 lbs. This is a great testament that weight doesn’t tell the whole story. But, after reading everyone’s stories, the biggest reward was that they learned how to live a healthier lifestyle and they all had more energy. Who wouldn’t want that?!

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to take before and after pictures for everyone but I promise that we’ll get better at documenting pictures for the next round.

Finally, here are the challengers who lost 5 inches or more:

Courtney O’Brien
Ramona Robinson
Katie Nakasone
Jodi Lindeman
Leigh Ellis
Sonia Hernandez

By the way, our next round is on March 10th which is this coming Monday. If you’d like to participate, please click here:

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