Why Exercise is Key If You Love Sugar

by Anna D

Sugar is everywhere and in everything. Even if you’re not big on dessert, chances are you’re still eating sugar. Okay, maybe I’m not just talking about sugar in its strictest sense. I’m talking about sugar in the form of starchy carbohydrates such as pasta, bread, and potatoes as well. I know that we’re most likely aware that we eat a lot more carbs than we’re supposed to if we’re not paying close attention to what we put inside our bodies.


So, how do we compensate for all those carbs and not gain weight?

I have two words for you – RESISTANCE TRAINING. Resistance training is basically any exercise that involves some type of well…resistance…such as dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, barbells, and, of course, your own body weight.

Studies have shown that when we train with weights, we actually use up sugar in our blood to replace the glycogen (which is basically what muscle uses for energy) we use during exercise. The only other time we can use up sugar from our blood stream is when insulin levels are down which usually only happens in between meals or when we’re fasting. This means that every time we eat, our insulin levels go up which means that we’re also stopping any fat loss.

What does this mean for us and for people who have diabetes?

This is great news for all of us but most especially if you’re diabetic. This means that if we want to lower our blood sugar levels, all we have to do is exercise with weights.

As you may already know, diabetes is a condition when people are not able to metabolize or use the sugar in their blood stream because their insulin is not working properly. This is why, time and time again, we see clients who either lower the dose of their insulin and other diabetes medications or get off of them completely!

This finding also gives us another reason to increase the weight we lift with each workout. Besides other benefits to resistance training such as increased bone density (which helps prevent Osteoporosis), people who exercise regularly are just in a better mood and have a better outlook in life which makes a HUGE difference in our well-being.

How YOU can benefit from this finding

It’s simple – LIFT HEAVY! I know there are times when people really can’t lift heavy due to prior injuries or mobility issues. In this case, you can achieve a similar effect by performing each exercise repetition slowly. For instance, if you’re doing push ups, count to 3 on your way up and on your way down so you can really use up the glycogen in your muscles.

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To giving you results without the extra work.

Anna “The Transformer” Dornier



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