It’s Crunch Time!!!

by Anna D

First of all, belated Happy Halloween! I got so busy on October 31st trying to fix our web site crashing from the many registrations we were getting for Operation Black Dress that I completely forgot to send a greeting – good and bad…haha.

Also, a lot of you have been asking for Lucas’ pics so here you go:



Can you tell I’m a proud Mommmy?!

Also, thank you to everyone who participated in our Food Drive. I’m so proud of our awesome TFX community! You guys rock!


With the holidays coming up, most people are looking for ways to lose weight instead of gain weight.

We got your back!

This is why we have 2 program offerings, Operation Black Dress and 24 Day Nutrition System, you can take advantage of before the holiday craze gets here. We know having options is great but we’ve found that you have questions about the difference between the two programs.

They really are 2 different ways to achieve the same goal: to look hot and feel your best during all the holiday parties you’re planning to attend. We have 1-2 of those right?

So, here is a quick comparison for your convenience:


For more information about the 24 Day Nutrition System, please click on these links below:

24 Day Nutrition System (Please note that the main video is not working as of the publishing of this post)

Our Most Recent 24 Day Nutrition System Success Story
(see more at the studio)

For more information on Operation Black Dress, please click on the link below:

Operation Black Dress (we only have 18 spots available)

As always, we are dedicated to determining the best option for you if you want to exit 2013 with a bang 🙂 So, please don’t hesitate to ask your coach or call us at 925.289.8042 or e-mail me, Anna, at and we’ll take care of you.

Keep moving forward (and take others with you),


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