Is Muscle Heavier than Fat?

by Anna D

Is muscle heavier than fat? This is a typical question I hear a lot of people ask when they’re not losing weight but they’re feeling a difference in how their clothes fit. But, what does it really mean? 1 pound of fat after all equals 1 pound of muscle right? So, how is muscle supposed to be heavier?

Let me clear this up, When people say muscle is heavier than fat, what they really mean is muscle is more compact or denser than fat. Let’s look at this picture to make it more clear for you:


So, if you were to replace 1 lb of fat with 1 lb of muscle, you’ll actually look leaner and your clothes will feel loser because muscle takes up less space even though you didn’t actually lose weight. This is the reason some people don’t always see their “weight” lost on the scale.

How do we know when we gain muscle and lose fat? It’s simple. You’ll just need to know your body fat percentage and starting weight and then compare that with your new body fat percentage and your new weight.

Here is an example:

Starting weight = 100 lbs (for easy calculation)
Percent body fat is 30%
The fat in pounds is 100 lbs x 30% which is 30 lbs.

Let’s say this person didn’t lose weight but she lost 3% body fat.
The new body fat percentage is 27%.
Fat in lbs is now 100 x 27% which is 27 lbs.

In this example, the amount of fat lost is 30 lbs – 27 lbs = 3 lbs

This means that the amount of muscle she gained is 3 lbs even though his actual weight didn’t actually change.

In the picture below, this woman actually gained 9 lbs but looks leaner because she gained more muscle which takes up less space and lost fat which takes up more space:


This is the reason we don’t just focus on your the number on the scale here at Transform FX Fitness. We do a lot of other assessments like girth measurements, body fat percentage, and compare before and after pictures to give our clients the big picture (pun intended) to show them how they’re really making progress.

I hope this makes this issue clear. If you have any questions about it, please don’t hesitate to post your comments below or ask me in person this coming Tuesday, October 15th, 6:30 pm at our 24 Day Slimdown Program nutrition kick-off session.

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