Concord Bootcamp Success Story: Monica Caguin

by Anna D

We’re so proud to present to another one of many Transform FX Fitness success stories. This is an update from Monica Caguin who also recently completed our 24 Day Nutrition System. We share these stories with you not only to showcase the amazing achievement our Transformers are making everyday, but also to inspire you to do the same!

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Let me start by saying that I am lazy. If I had to choose between binging on Netflix and junk food or working out Breaking bad and Cheetos wins every time.

That was until the end of last year. That’s when I was diagnosed with Polycystic ovarian syndrome, a relatively harmless condition that send my hormones to the moon and back. It also affects the amount of insulin the body produces which makes it 3 times harder for a person with PCOS to lose weight even with strict adherence to diet and exercise. It’s also 7 times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and depression.

Finding this out made me realize one thing, I do not have the luxury of excuses. So many times before in my journey for weight loss I had told myself it’s okay to cheat, I’ve earned a break from working out, 30 half hearted minutes on a treadmill is plenty of exercise. What this meant for me was that if I wanted to grow old with my husband like I promised to do on our wedding day I had no room for any of those things. Even though it meant that I would need to work 3 times as hard to get the same results as others I now knew my personal demon by name. It was going to be hard but not impossible.


Over the past year I have watched my body and mind transform, I have reached goals I didn’t think possible and realized how far I could push myself. Sure, I’ve lost pounds even inches but what I gained is a stronger sense of self. Plus I’ve gotten buff, a fact I never fail to remind my husband.

Every journey reaches a plateau and that’s what prompted me to try the 24 day challenge. I knew I was working hard but I also knew I could do better. It started out fairly simple, the nutrition plan not that much different than what we learn throughout boot camp.

The things I noticed when taking the supplements were that it gave me the energy I needed and the ability push past the desire to snack. Using the catalyst supplements helped me to push myself even further during workouts. Every other diet challenge I’d done seemed to take away energy, make it harder to focus or resist the urge to excessively snack but this was the opposite. It also gave me room to enjoy a meal out every once in a while.


[From the chart: Monica seems to only have lost 3 lbs but looking more closely, she lost 3.3% body fat, 6.86 lbs of body fat, and gained 3.86 lbs of lean muscle. She is living proof that you can gain muscle while losing fat.]

At the end of those 24 days the results were amazing. It gave me a renewed energy to keep working for my goal. I encourage anyone who wants to push themselves to try the 24 day challenge. The only thing you’ll lose is fat and discouragement. If you are new to boot camp DON’T GIVE UP! Your life and your loved ones are worth the effort, you are worth the effort this journey requires. If I can do it, you can do it.

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