Importance of Proper Form when Exercising

by Anna D

Proper form in exercise means more than just looking good. You need to do exercises correctly to get the intended benefit and stay healthy. Poor form is a major cause of injury both in simple exercises and more complex routines, such as weightlifting . Attention to form help you stay off the sidelines and reach your fitness goals better. This is why here at TFX we focus on proper form and help our clients reach their goals and maintain them for life without injuries.


Weight Training

Correct form and technique in weight training improve your strength and muscle tone and help you attain a healthy weight. The Mayo Clinic reports that poor form prevents you from getting the results you desire. Instead, you increase the chances of strains and even fractures that make exercise impossible. Work with a qualified fitness specialist in the beginning to learn correct form. Then go back for a tuneup after you have gained experience. Wellness coach Beth Shepard suggests lifting with controlled movement at an even pace. Don’t let gravity do the work for you.

Concord Trainer


When you are weight training, the goal should always be to work the intended muscle group in the most effective way to achieve your goals. Aside from which exercises to perform and how much weight to use, the form you use will help determine how productive your sessions are. Proper form within each exercise as a means to avoid injury is common practice, but you must also maintain the proper form to keep continuous tension on the targeted muscle for maximum results.



The benefits of using proper form when weight lifting include more blood being pumped into the muscles you are working, which will lead to faster gains. You will also be able to dedicate more time to your workouts, as nagging injuries caused by bad form won’t be an issue.


As you can see,It’s more important to have the right form on all exercises than do a million reps without knowing if you are performing them the right way, that is why we like to make sure all of our clients have the proper form when exercising, here at TFX, proper form is so  important to us and our clients, we want you to live a long healthy life, we want you to keep rocking your workouts with no injuries 🙂

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Ale Adaui
TFX Coach

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