Breaking Fat Loss Plateaus

by Anna D

At TFX we don’t get discouraged, WE GET FOCUSED! When you hit a plateau see it as a challenge to make an extra push! Here are some tips and tricks to keep you keepin’ on towards your goals:

1.Plan Your Meals Ahead-Be Prepared!
“I’m too busy”
“I’m in such a rush today and just want something quick, I’ll be better about it tomorrow”
“I’m so hungry I don’t careeeeee!!!!!!!”

Have you found yourself saying any of these this before? I know I have! Be prepared, and plan your meals ahead. Use Sundays to grocery shop, make a menu for the week and prepare your meals for Monday and Tuesday. When you know when and what you’ll be eating you are less likely to binge eat and more likely to stick to your plan!

2.Keep a Food Journal
Tracking your food intake allows you to see your caloric intake and also your macronutrient (Carbs, Fats, Protein) percentages. Having a visual representation of your diet will reveal nutrient deficiencies and/or over-indulging and see what foods are keeping you from making progress

3.Out of sight, out of mind
If you can’t pronounce the lists of ingredients on the nutrition labels neither can your body! If it isn’t whole and occurring in nature keep it out of the house! If you want to treat yourself to an ice cream, go to that fancy little creamery and you get that cone! BUT do not grab a tub of your favorite ice cream and keep it in the house, lying to yourself like “Oh, I’ll get keep in the back of the freezer for emergency purposes.” Nope, I’m not falling for that trick! Keep your house filled with healthy, nutrient dense food options and you’re more likely to stick to the plan!

4.“Hara Hachi Bu”-Eat until 80% full
Take your time while eating and eat until you’re almost full. You don’t need to over stuff yourself because it takes 20-30 min for your brain to realize that you’re full! The best way to help you Hara Hachi Bu is to watch your portions.

You can measure out your proportions using your hand-how convenient!
Meat/Protein- palm size
Veggies-two handfuls
Fruit-one handful
Fats-thumb size

5.Add a kick
Using spices keep your meals interesting and boosts your metabolism.

6.Add a splash of flavor to your water

Try adding cucumbers, oranges, lemon, limes, or berries to your water! You can also try adding a splash of mineral water to enjoy some bubbles

7.Shop around the perimeter
Treat to shopping cart as your stomach. Start filling it with fruits and veggies and then start making your way up to the protein section. The outer edges contain most of the store’s healthy whole foods like fresh vegetables, fruits, fresh meats and proteins and eggs.

8.Eat in a distraction free area
Enjoy your meals, you’re not a robot!

9.Build your nutrition plan around foods you actually want to eat
Simple as that.

10.Photo ops!
Accept health and fitness as a journey! Take photographs of yourself to see the progress you have made and are still making. Do not get discouraged and use these photographs as a positive to keep you in a growth mind set.

11.Accept that health and fitness is a journey
Like I’ve stated over and over again, nothing in nature is linear. There will be twists and turns and twirls and whirls. JUST. KEEP. GOING.

12.You time
As the kind, caring and wonderful beings we are, we like to help others-which is great. But this cannot be at the own cost of your own health, happiness and sanity. You deserve to put time and energy into yourself and your needs. When you are your best YOU, you are in a better position to help others so that everyone can reap the benefits!

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