Never, Ever Give Up!

by Anna D

A personal success update from one of our Transformers:

“I just wanted to drop by and share my journey so far at TFX fitness with everyone!

It has been 5 weeks since I started attending the bootcamp and yesterday was the first time that I felt my body get stronger! I felt my push ups were getting somewhere ( I started with push-ups on my knees), I feel my plank getting stronger and I can get through the circuits without crashing on to the floor right after!

At the beginning, the worst thing that I could do for myself was compare myself to other people! Clearly others had been there longer and were STRONGER! I have realized this is an individual journey and the best thing I can do for myself is show up three times a week (the trainers do the rest)!!!

Come join us to begin your own journey at the bootcamp! I will keep sharing about my progress from time to time with everyone.”

~ Gurpreet Kaur
Photographer, Concord, CA

Need a dose of Inspiration? Read this…

Visualization: What do you think of when you hear this word? most of us think of it us closing our eyes and…. visualize! right? ..think of what you want and it will happened or it will come true, well that’s where we are wrong!

Visualization is much more than that, is seeing,feeling,smelling. Let me put it this way, when we close our eyes and SEE ourselves for instance running in the park, you want to be very specific like, what is the name of the park? how’s the weather? who is there? how are you FEELING at that moment while running, did you stop and had a conversation with someone? with who? the more specific we are while we visualize the more our brain will process this as “it already happened” you will feel a great sense of accomplishment because your brain BELIEVES it already happened.

You can try this with anything, either if it’s losing weight,being more fit, landing that new job,being or feeling more positive,etc. The reason I wanted to share this with you is because I have been doing visualization for a while and I thought I was doing it the right way but I really wasn’t, I wasn’t FEELING what I was seeing when closing my eyes, it took me some time but now I am seeing the results.

I really recommend this book, it has great reviews and you can find it on Amazon too,it’s called Psychocybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz it will explain into more detail on what to do when using visualization. I am feeling very inspired Transformers! and only good things happened when you feel this good! and I truly believe that visualization has A LOT to do with how I feel and the positive changes I keep seeing in all aspects of my life, you guys inspire me everyday! when I see you working hard at your workouts, sweating and grunting and pushing hard!… it’s an awesome feeling! my family inspires me everyday because they are the reason I wake up every morning with a smile on my face! ….what inspires you? ……

This amazing video is not even 5 minutes long, and it might just change the way you feel and see yourself, motivation, stubbornness, and never EVER giving up on the most important person in your life…YOURSELF!!!

To Your Health,always…

Ale Adaui
TFX Coach

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