6 Health Effects of Drinking Diet Soda

by Anna D

What’s my guilty pleasure?

DIET SODA! I didn’t think it was a big deal, and I continuously shrugged off and dismissed the “myths” my friends threw at me. I thought, what’s the big deal it’s just a few diet drinks, I’m healthy I’m fine! So, I decided to investigate the health risks of diet soda, and from the start of my research I found the diet soda industry is expanding as fast as America’s waistline!

Soda is the biggest source of calories for Americans. The average American drinks about two cans of soda a day. Among adults, diet soda consumption has more than doubled, and consumption has grown almost 25%. They are generally marketed toward health-conscious people, diabetics, athletes, and other people who want to lose weight, improve physical fitness, or reduce their sugar intake.

Here are 6 side effects of drinking diet soda:

1. Kidney Problems

In an 11-year long Harvard Medical School study researchers found that diet cola is associated with a two-fold risk for kidney decline, and diet sweeteners are responsible.

2.Messed-Up Metabolism

The University of Minnesota researched that even just one diet soda a day is liked to a 34% higher risk of metabolic syndrome, the group of symptoms including belly fat and high cholesterol that puts you at risk for heart disease.

3. Obesity

Diet soda doesn’t help you lose weight after all. The University of Texas Health Science Center study found that the more diet sodas a person drank, the greater their risk of becoming overweight. Why? Artificial sweeteners disrupt the body’s natural ability to regulate. This means people who consume diet drinks are more likely to overeat because your body is being tricked into thinking it’s eating sugar, and you crave more.

4. Cell Damage

Diet sodas contain chemicals that have the ability to cause severe damage to DNA in the mitochondria to the point that they completely inactivate it. The preservative has also been linked to hives, asthma and other allergic conditions.

5. Rotting Teeth

With a pH of 3.2, soda is very acidic (the pH of a battery acid is 1, water is 7). The acidity dissolves enable. Drinking soda causes worse dental health including greater decay, more missing teeth and more fillings.

6. Reproductive Issues

Diet or not, soft drinks are coated with endocrine disruptor bisphenol A (BPA), which has been linked to everything from heart disease to obesity to reproductive problems.

Whew! With that said I’m ready to kick the habit! I’ve recently been adding lemon or strawberries to plain sparkling water when I want a carbonated fix, or cucumbers to plain water. And it’s also way cheaper than buying packaged sodas.

Cheers to your Health & Happiness!
TFX Coach
Source: www.prevention.com

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