Visualize Success For Better Workouts

by Anna D

So, you are disappointed with the progress you have made so far, you see that person next to you at the Gym getting results, always has INCREDIBLE energy , completes every single rep and is always positive!  For sure, he/she must be using something you don’t have yet. The key primer is in the mind. This is where the muscle growing  and fat burning begins.

Before he/she goes to workout even before he wakes up in the morning, he /she has made up his/her mind to lose weight,fat or become more fit Do it or die. Period. Whatever it takes and there is no way back. He/She has directed his/her mind to drive him/her through any all obstructions that may appear on the road to the final destination. But what’s more important, he visualized himself getting through training plateaus, overcoming psychological setbacks, imagined himself training with electrifying energy, he was himself a winner. Visualization can be your secret invisible piece of equipment or that virtual bench-pressing shirt/Bikini that lets you lift twice the usual weight.

The Virtual Reality of Visualization
The skill of visualization is probably the most powerful skill one can ever use, But not many people use it, know of  it  or take it seriously because they haven’t been properly shown how to use it. Visualization is an extremely powerful technique that can help you achieve your goals and make lasting changes to the mind and body alike. It is the process of creating through believing. You are much more capable of committing to doing something, and doing it right when you first see yourself executing the action in your mind. And because the most consequential road to successful weight loss is consistency , visualization is your map to keep you on track getting you closer and closer to the body of your dreams. Some of the most successful people from all traits of life commonly use visualization as a way to rehearse their event or sporting activity before actually going through it.

There is tremendous power in your thoughts. Remember the old saying: “the body won’t go, where the mind has not gone to first”? The body is the servant of the mind. You probably don’t realize, but every action you take is pre-played in your subconscious mind when you don’t force the thought. Subconscious mind engenders your reality mirroring the message it is given. It has no values, preferences, beliefs or logic, and as a creator of your thoughts, you direct the destination of your subconsciousness. And this becomes a platform for the next action you take.

So, try it next time 🙂 at home, at  bootcamp! at relaxation time when you close your eyes visualize yourself ,SEE yourself already there, FEEL like you’ve already reached your fitness goals , you can do this anywhere anytime.

Let me know how it makes you feel  😉

To Your Health,

Ale Adaui

TFX Coach

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