The Importance of Understanding Your Heart Rate

by Anna D

Aerobic exercise places extra demands on your muscular system, causing your muscles to require extra oxygen. Your body sends more oxygen to your muscles by causing your breathing to deepen and speed up, and by boosting your heart rate. Knowing how to keep track of your heart rate while exercising helps you get the most benefits from each exercise session.

This is why I suggest that you purchase a HRT (Heart Rate Monitor). If you cannot afford one there are formulas available online to find out what your target heart rate is.

This target area is different for everyone and is a critical component of burning off that fat and getting healthy. If you excercise with your heart rate lower than your target zone, your progress maybe painfully slow. If you excercise with your heart rate above your target zone, you will also progress more slowly and can potentially injure yourself, in both cases you aren’t getting to were you’re trying to go.

So, If you want to bust off that holiday fat, you need to find out what your target zone is and try and keep it there throughout all of your Boot Camp workouts. This way you will see results quicker, you can avoid injuries and have even more motivation to continue on the path to your fitness goals. Of course, being in your target heart rate zone will be uncomfortable, you may breathe heavily and begin to drip sweat…dont let those minor displeasures keep you from your ultimate goal of getting in shape. Remember: No pain, no gain! 🙂

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