Heavier Weight, Bigger loss!

by Anna D

One of my friends, Emily, who is also into fitness especially weight lifting/strength training posted something on Facebook that I just have to share with all women out there.  This is something I myself have experienced as well which is why I’m a big believer in lifting heavy.

My hope is that by the end of this post, you would be a believer too. This one’s a life changer…

“So, I know that weights won’t make me bigger.. but when I found my old training log from 2009, this afternoon, I finally realized how far I’d actually come…

Exactly 3 years and 2 months ago, something clicked in my mind, and I finally stopped believing the lie that lifting heavy weights would make be bulky. Slowly but surely, I switched gears and stopped doing HOURS of cardio and video tapes with 5lb dumbbells (while eating about 1000-1300 calories/day).

In place of that, I started doing shorter workouts with heavy weights, at a max of 6-10 reps and started upping my calories (I now eat between1800-2200 and MAINTAIN my weight).

A LOT has changed since then. Not only has my knowledge increased exponentially, and my lifting technique improved, but after seeing my weight/body fat numbers from 10/28/09, I realized that since the day I gave up long, boring cardio I have lost 14 pounds, and 14% body fat. This is what it breaks out to be for those of you scared of getting bulky: I went from 33.28 lbs of body fat to 14.25, and from 94.72 lbs of lean body mass to 99.75lbs. That means I lost 19 lbs of body fat, and GAINED 5 lbs of lean body mass!!!!!

My jeans are 2 sizes SMALLER now. My military press 1RM has gone from 25lbs to 45 lbs. My dead lift, from about 135 to 245 and my confidence? The change is immeasurable.

So ladies, I really challenge you to think about that, and give yourself one more TRUE reason why lifting will NOT make you bulky! I’m certainly a believer! This is MY true story!”

I Echo what Emily just said there on the last sentence. If you’re still afraid of getting bulky because you’ve seen muscular women who look like men, let me tell you the truth about them…they’re on steroids…period. No woman will ever look like that unless she injects herself with testosterone.

We’ve proven on this post that lifting heavy weights does not make your bulky, it actually makes you look tiny! (I say tiny because this is a comment I usually get) Muscles are lean therefore you look “skinnier” (for lack of a better word) even though you weigh more. That’s what people when they say “muscle is heavier than fat.” So, promise yourself that at your next workout, you will lift heavier. Do this during every workout and the results will follow!

Keep moving up (in life and in weights),

Anna Dornier

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