Push it to the Limit!

by Anna D

One of the great things about TransformFX is that it is for everyone, it challenges each of you individually, at your own level.  The exercises can be as effective or ineffective as what you put into it.  That means pushing yourself, find out where your limit is and try and step beyond it.  Don’t just try and get through it, try and own it! When it comes to weight lifting exercises, have a goal in mind for how many reps you will do (8-10 or 12-15 ) then choose a weight that becomes very difficult to handle on the last three reps.

When it comes to cardio, just go as fast as you can every time, you need to try and find the limits of your lung capacity.  I want you guys to give it your best  Just know that your mind can take you further than your body would let you believe.  Get your mind off of the pain or the sweat, relax all muscles not involved with the activity, think about your form and intensity and whether or not you can do more than you are doing.

If you want to get results quick(er), you need to push yourself hard(er).  For those who want to burn fat, you need to be gasping for air at the end of every session and unless you have clogged sweat glands you should be sweaty.  Try to find the limits of all aspects of your physical fitness: cardio, strength, flexibility, coordination and agility.  

I want to see you guys transform your bodies but that sometimes requires changing your mind first, change the way you approach each workout, push yourself to your limit every time.  Every station should be a personal challenge to you! Can you go lower? Can your posture be better?  Can you do a few more reps while maintaining proper form?

That is how you change your body.  That is how you transform.  By finding your limit, then trying to break through it.  Lets reach those goals!

To your health and happiness,

Gary Floyd
TFX Trainer

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