Find a Way to Make it Fun for You

by Anna D

I’ve been planning a backpacking trip to Big Sur and while doing so a few thoughts came to mind concerning you guys. The best way to stay in shape for life is to find an activity outside of work and the gym that challenges you to be athletic in addition to your bootcamp workouts in Concord. For me, it is hiking, while I’m hiking I don’t even think about the physical nature of the task.

I’m so busy enjoying myself I don’t think about the intense workout I’m getting. That’s what you guys need to do to make fitness a long term habit. Find a creative hobby you love, that also provides a workout. That way, even if you miss a workout at the gym, you can always go and do an athletic hobby like hiking, martial arts, biking, swimming, rock climbing, kayaking, as well as events like Tough Mudder and Spartan Race.

[The world is your playground :)]

There are nearly limitless possibilities of fun and exciting things you can do to maintain or progress in any fitness goals you have. That is one of our goals at TFX, to make it fun.  So try that, make fitness fun for you and you will find that that is the best way to stay on your path to a happier, healthier you.

To Your Health,

Gary Floyd
TFX Fitness Coach

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