Exercise with your Kids

by Anna D

Exercise is good for everyone, no matter what your age. Regular exercise can help you maintain your weight and keep all your bodily systems healthy and strong. Good exercise habits are just as beneficial to children as to adults, Good habits can start at home, but must continue throughout our child’s life for continued good health.

 As Parents we can instill good exercise habits in our children by setting a good example at home, Make it fun! take your  kids for walks, bike rides or to throw a ball, it will create a routine that your children will most likely enjoy and come to expect when there’s a break in your daily patterns.

Exercise for kids does not have to be a strict routine or even an organized sport though registering your child with a local recreational sports league can be an easy way to ensure they are  getting at least some  daily physical activity and you never know, they might LOVE IT! when our Children see their parents exercising independently  jogging or going to the gym,  may also be more likely to express an interest in sports and exercise.

The benefits of creating good exercise habits in our children are both physical and social and when our children participate in daily exercise are less likely to become overweight, maintain strong bones and muscles and are less likely to develop chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease. Kids that are physically active routinely have higher self-esteem, less stress and do better in school!

Try this, it might help. Find what your kid really likes, running, throwing a ball, swimming, skating, etc. and stick to that ! for example, our daughter loved the water ever since she was a baby!  so, my husband and I decided one day to put  her underwater (no wings, she was 6 months old)  in a pool and let her stay under for a couple of seconds, this might sound crazy but, if you think about it, babies are used to being in the water, in their Mother’s womb 🙂 and well, she really liked it! she started  moving her legs and arms like a frog! we knew we had to pick a sport that involved water. So, since then she hasn’t stopped. She has been is the same swim team since she was 5, now 12 , she is still swimming and loving it! She also loves surfing and skiing.

My point is, get out there with your kids, play, have fun in the process and exercise together! find out what they like and they will be more likely to stick to it, why? because they ENJOY it! it becomes second nature to them, this will be their  head start on developing the interpersonal skills that they’ll carry with them throughout their life.

To our kids Health,

Ale Adaui
Transform FX Fitness Coach

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