Support System: Your Key to Lasting Results

by Anna D

It is so important for people to have a support system in their lives, whether it’s to support you in a life altering decision, pick you up when you are feeling down, or even to share your accomplishments. I find myself surrounded by people who are ashamed to ask for help. They see it as a sign of weakness when in reality it’s a sign of wisdom.

There have been times when I have felt like giving up on something and my husband is right there to encourage me. I know that I can always turn to him for advice and guidance because he will be honest and does not sugar coat anything. Family is a key factor in a support system because they always want the best for you.

Not only is the family important but friends, co-workers, workout buddies, etc. We need to reach out to every resource available. I know it can be intimidating to ask for help but many times you will find that they are going through the same struggles as you. It’s amazing, we are NOT alone. Many times we ask ourselves “Why me?” when in reality it’s not just us, it’s many others going through the same problem.

Since becoming a Personal Trainer I have lost roughly 30lbs+. I share my story with my clients to offer them my support. My biggest motivation is leading by example. I know how hard it is fighting to lose those pounds or inches. I had my bad moments and if I didn’t have a support system to help me get through it I might have just given up.

Everyone can lend a helping hand but are we willing to receive help? Don’t think of yourself as weak because you are smart; smart enough to know when you need help.

~ Alanna Encarnacion
Transform FX Fitness Coach

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