Just the Thought of Not Being Able to Workout…

by Anna D

Gives me the chills.

Exercise has become a big part of my life (as you can imagine…lol). I have thought about this idea a few times in the past several years and I just could not imagine just how different my life would be if I could not exercise due to some type of disability or injury.

I don’t like this thought at all. So, at times when I do not feel like exercising, I think about this idea and it usually cures me of any excuse I was making not to exercise. I feel fortunate that I can do a lot of things because there are people out there who are in debilitating pain or permanently injured that they are limited in their choices for physical activity. After any workout, I am thankful that I can experience the feeling of accomplishment and the high of adrenalin (haha) because I really, truly feel so much better compared to how I was feeling before the workout. I’m sure you’ve experienced the same.

I honor my workout times as everyone must. Our body and brains crave it. In fact, we can’t survive without it! My workout time is my “ME” time. It’s my time to nourish myself and my body.

Share your experience in the comments section. What do you tell yourself on days when exercising is the last thing on your mind?

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