If You’re Not Moving Forward, You Are Regressing

by Anna D

If you’ve ever gotten an e-mail from me, I have this characteristic e-mail signature that says, “Keep moving forward.” If you’ve ever wondered what it means (even though it seems straight forward), you’re in for a treat.

Well, initially, I wanted to remind myself to keep moving forward. Then, eventually, it stuck with me because it really reflects how I live my life. Last week, I went to a workshop that reminded me of this phrase. The speaker said that if you’re not moving forward, you’re standing still. I disagree with that. I say, “if you’re not moving forward, you’re definitely moving backwards.” 🙂 I say this because in life we are in constant motion and we are never at a stand still.

So, what it is in your life you feel you’re not moving forward with? Maybe it’s time to evaluate what you’re currently doing and see if it’s still working for you and not letting you regress. In health and fitness (and in working with us), you’ll have to take advantage of the additional coaching that is available to you. Most of you will think of nutrition when I say this but look to us for other needs as well. Need feedback on your workout routine or feel like you do less or more? Just ask us and we’ll give you advice based on your situation. Did you hurt your shoulder or lower back (or anything for that matter), if you need the help of another health practitioner such as a chiropractor or massage therapist, we know experts in these fields! Because if you’re not operating at your best, all your other efforts will be wasted.

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