If You’re Not Assessing, You’re Just Guessing

by Anna D

One of my favorite quotes in fitness is “If you’re not assessing, you’re just guessing.” This was evident yesterday when we did the drills but in terms of getting you closer to your goals or just helping you maintain the results you’ve already achieved,you still have to constantly re-assess if the things you are doing are working the way they should. At bootcamp, weight is not always the determining factor of this. In fact, this should be only a small percentage of your assessment.

Which Numbers Should I Look At?

Some numbers you should be looking at are your body fat percentage and girth measurements which we assess every 4 weeks. If it has been 4 weeks since you have gotten these numbers checked, please let your fitness coach know and we will measure you before your workout session. The other factor you should be looking at is your strength. Strength tests are more evident using body weight exercises like push ups or chin ups.

[David with his Fitness Coach, Ale. He lost 18 lbs and made very healthy changes to his blood work numbers!]

You may also want to talk to your doctor about comparing your blood work numbers before you joined bootcamp and after a few months of joining. For instance, David, our client of the month, gets this done at work so when he sent us his story, this is what he said:

“When I started boot camp my blood pressure was getting high hovering around 145/85 last night my reading was 121/80. I now
have more energy and feel great all day long. The benefits of this class became very real after the first physical I had after having done boot camp for a few months. My cholesterol which is supposed to be 200 or less was at 224 now it’s at 163. My Triglycerides which are supposed to be 150 or less were at 285 and are now 107. My glucose which is supposed to be 100 or less was at 110 and is now 83. I am definitely in better physical health because of this class.”

Watch out for David’s full story in next month’s print newsletter.

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