Honesty is the Best Policy

by Anna D

I remember this saying when I was young from either a parent or a teacher, “Honesty is the best policy.” The same is true no matter what age you are in whatever we do in life.

When it comes to fat loss, results only happen once we’re truly honest with ourselves. The first step is realizing that we need to do something about our health and fitness which all of you have done already. After that, we need to be really honest whether we’re giving our best in our nutrition and exercise.

Here are some questions to as yourself to get started:

Is this second cocktail really necessary?
Do I really have to have dessert more than 1-2x a week?
Am I taking my supplements consistently?
Am I sleeping enough and giving my body enough recovery?
Am I making it to all my scheduled workouts consistently?
How many times do I really eat junk food?
How many times have I eaten more than the portion I planned to eat?

Once you make a close inspection and/or honest evaluation and find any glaring holes, make the appropriate changes and keep tweaking until you reach your goal.

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