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Transform FX Fitness Bootcamp Member of the Year Success Story!

The Top 4 Transform FX Fitness Bootcamp Member of the Year Finalists will be announced on our special awards night on Friday, May 17th at our Concord Studio.

Nominees with the most votes will also win these fabulous prizes which are:

Grand Prize
$500 Glamour or Family Portrait Session Gift Certificate plus Prints by Kaur Photography

First Prize
$85 1-hour Rejuvenating Massage Gift Certificate to Transformational Healing Center

Second Prize
$75 Purifying Facial Gift Certificate by Simplicity Skin Care

Third Prize
$50 Sports Basement Gift Certificate by Sports Basement

More than a sporting goods store, Sports Basement is a community center which becomes a hangout for local athletes, exercise enthusiasts, and sports groups.


And now… here are our amazing nominees
Anja Arroyo
“Where do I begin with my journey at Transform FX Fitness…..

Last year I was alerted to a Groupon deal about a BOOTCAMP offer (…scared me to think about it….) and the offer was for a 4 week or 8 week time period. I was petrified that I would be ‘killed’ and not be able to handle it so I did the only reasonable thing a chicken like myself would do and I committed to 4 weeks. J I figured if I died on day 1 then at least I wouldn’t be out a bundle of money.

I have been an avid runner (on a treadmill -in my garage -watching my realty shows that I tape) and I thought to myself that I could handle the cardio/strength portion of boot camp. It was the screaming and yelling…

(that I thought was going to happen) that I was most afraid of. Day #1 came around and there stood sweet Ale with her beautiful accent and I had two other girlfriends do the 4 week course so we were ready and anxious to get our workout in. Round 1 of 4 and I was breathing so hard and cracking up at myself for feeling so weak and tired. I couldn’t believe that for someone that ran an hour easily every morning at 5 am could get so tired and winded by 1 round of this sweet girls workout. I made it through the first day and the next morning I couldn’t get out of bed without every muscle aching. I knew it was a good thing and I instantly fell in love with the way the class made me feel. I have been hooked since day 1. I knew I wanted this class to be a part of my fitness journey.

Transform FX came into my life at a very sad, low point of my life. I have a very close family member that is battling cancer and this chapter in our family’s life has been very hard and emotional. I honestly believe this class has brought me 45 minutes of peace when I needed it the most. It gives me a way to release my emotions and drives me to focus on myself for at least 45 minutes 3 to 4 days a week. I NEED this class more than ever right now and I cannot imagine how I would be emotionally if I didn’t have this outlet to turn to.

My original goal when I started boot camp was to lose a ton of weight etc but at this point in my life, my goal is to be healthy. And I feel 100% healthier now. I know for a fact that I am a lot stronger and my endurance has increased greatly. I will focus on weight when life settles down. My eating habits have changed for the better and I have learned quite a bit about nutrition and what is truly good for my body and what isn’t. I have learned to love Protein Enriched shakes and I have started enjoying one raw veggie/fruit smoothie daily. All in all – I eat rather healthy. I take it one day at a time and my intentions are always healthy.

If I could get everyone I know to ‘just try it’, I know they would fall in love with how they feel after a workout at Transform FX.

Thank you Ale and Anna for being so open and wonderful to me. I appreciate what you do for me and I am excited to continue my journey with you both.”

~ Anja Arroyo, Pleasant Hill, CA

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Dan Leraul

“At 64 I am in better physical condition than I have been since I was a white water river guide in 1973. At age 62 I reached the nadir of my fitness weighing 240 and incapable of jumping rope for 30 seconds. Trainers at Transform FX Fitness provide well-balanced workouts which start and end on time, and which easily adapted to my totally out of shape beginning and my fairly-fit present. The variety of exercises used provides well balanced conditioning and the group setting provides just enough social encouragement to complete a few extra reps each time. Now weighing 185 my doctor no longer mentions “pre-diabetes” and cholesterol which was approaching cautionary levels is now mid chart with good cholesterol on the higher side. Statistics aside, being fit is a great mood elevator. Obesity made reaching my shoes to tie them a challenge. Being fit frees me to meet the challenges of my dreams. I cannot see a time when I would not want to continue to workout with Transform FX Fitness.”

~ Dan Leraul, Concord, CA

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David Iniguez
“I came across Transform FX as a promotion and thought I’d check it out for a month. After the first week I was instantly addicted and a year and a half later here I am still going strong and I’m even doing Trough Mudder in Tahoe this July.

I’ve had some sort of traditional gym membership for years. I wasn’t really seeing any results because it was too easy for me to come up with an excuse not to go. When I did make it to the gym I’d have to go off hours to avoid the crowds and I would end up frustrated with myself for not going.

When I started boot camp I was weighing in at 235 at yesterdays weigh in I came in at 208. Although this may not seem like much I’ve been able to keep it off for a year and a half now. The benefits to my health have been monumental.

The only downside to boot camp so far has been to my bank account. I’ve had to buy new clothes because my old ones don’t fit anymore.

When I started boot camp my blood pressure was getting high hovering around 145/85 my last reading came in at a even 120/80. I now have more energy and feel great all day long. The benefits of this class became very real after the first physical I had after having done boot camp for a few months. My cholesterol which is supposed to be 200 or less was at 224 now it’s at 163. My Triglycerides which are supposed to be 150 or less were at 285 and are now 107. My glucose which is supposed to be 100 or less was at 110 and is now 83. I am definitely in better physical health because of this class.

Ale the trainer that teaches my class is fantastic. She takes the time to demonstrate all the exercises and also the alternatives for those with limitations. She is very attentive to everyone’s needs and makes sure you are pushing yourself. She’s always there to motivate you to do those couple extra reps at the end that you wouldn’t have done otherwise.”

~ David Iniguez, Concord, CA

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Frank Bruketta
“When I started, I was wearing jeans snug with 36 inch waist. After month four of TFX and going back to a healthy diet, I could get a 32 inch waist jean on. Amazing. Weight was 174. I weighed 175 when I graduated from college!
Currently, jeans are at 34inchs and weight runs 178 to 182 (pizza and beer night)!

After surgery, and no exercise, by doctors’ orders, my weight is 180 to 182. But the real news is my overall muscle tone, strength and definition….way to cool. My energy levels have also increased. I can stand and teach all day. Go to the work out at 7:30 pm and then go home and work until 1 or 2 am… Before TFX, after a week of this I would feel burnt out and mental/ physical exhausted. By month 6 and 7 of TFX I was back to my old energy levels from my 30’s and 40’s and actually went fencing after class a few times.

Relaxed instructors who are sensitive, caring, involved. Great program and rotation so all muscle groups are worked. We all joyfully anticipate the evening’s program while cheerfully whining about it in the same breath…. “ Oh no,, more burpees??”

I like the non-workout machine style. The schedule is focused and delivers – warm up, instruction on the evening circuit, Work out, break, continue circuit and warm down/stretch. Very invigorating. Well thought out combination of exercises that makes the 45 minutes pretty intense (base on your own focus and drive)

Don’t think just do…. TFX offers flexible times to meet anyone’s busy schedule. Great camaraderie and variety.

The real deal is the ability to try it for 3 months. There is/was a great starter special that will get you going. Many of the new members I’ve talked to were ecstatic to find a gym that was better than their existing one and quit the other gym after a few sessions with TFX. They said, the instructors elsewhere imposed intensity levels that were impossible to meet. Where as, TFX instructors want to know you and understand your leveling/intensity goals and then assist you to achieve/ maintain them.

After recovery from cancer surgery and a left foot suffering Plantar fasciitis (1.5years), I thought I would never get better. Even with arches for my shoes and regular stretching, I could not run without, huge pain the next day. Tennis, Fencing, running all became impossible. I was following physical therapy program but any improvement would not last under competitive loads. Three months after TFX , I ran a 5K and had no pain the next day…whoop! After 7-8 months, I am Fencing and playing Tennis no pain. My overall muscle tone is better than it ever was using other programs. ( South Beach diet w/ running/weight lifting, ‘Body for Life’ and Fencing classes) With TFX, am seeing much more core toning and have greater endurance.

Actually, it is the quality and dedication of our instructor- Alejandra which completes the package. Absolutely open, sensitive, knowledgeable plus wiling to learn more and continues to explore different exercises for inclusion in our program. Not aloof, never trys to show off her own strength as younger instructors can sometime do at other gyms. Great at observing us and making suggestion to improve our execution of a particular exercise. Need a modification…always has an answer and the patience to demonstrate it.

As an A-type person, I tend to be aggressive- competitive. (Tennis, Fencing, Bowling… as quoted from Chariots of Fire….”I don’t run to lose”.) What is great about Transform FX is all are welcome and all are supported as Individuals not objects that must be shaped by pressure of the group or instructors. Some of the DVD’s and live gyms have this Army DI Boot camp attitude….very in your face, push it attitude. Everyone I know who tried this approach was happy by the challenge and results, but has not done it again….. hmmm…. too much intensity is hard to go back to.. or make a regular routine.
Our trainer has made all the difference. I started out going along for the ride. It has quickly become a great life style addition and has become part of what I look forward to doing and balances out my week. It is comprised of no outrageous promises, just good friends working toward our personal fitness goals at the pace of our choosing supported by a great team instructor.

Alejandra is part of the action, often joining in, or laughing at silly jokes we make (even though she has probably heard them before.) Or giving out high fives when we complete a station well. Her encouragement is a based on her observing the students ability and realizing the extra effort the student is putting into it for the level they are at not some preconceive notion. Why else would we feel the need to “clean” up the “house” after our workout!! Because as the song states,” We are family.” 🙂

~ Frank Bruketta, Concord, CA

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Melodie Rincon
“I measure my personal success by inches and endurance.

From the time I started with Transform FX I have gone from a size 14 down to a 9/10. I have lost over 5inches in both my hips and my waist along with 10 very unwanted pounds.

I’ve always been an active person and have had the great fortune to never worry much about weight or fitness. However a little over 6 years ago I changed careers, which was a fantastic move for me, career wise. But unfortunately my lifestyle of exercise, health and generally good habits did not follow suit. Combine that with middle age knocking on my door and I felt like a fish trying desperately to swim against the current. Unwanted and unhealthy pounds began to show up, my tiny muffin top was overflowing and quickly my clothing size went from single digit to double digits. I no longer had the energy to hike my favorite trails and was always fatigued, I could not seem to get enough rest. Start of summer 2012 I took a long hard look in the mirror, I had just put on a pair of shorts that had fit snug the previous season and I now had to suck in simply to fasten the button …….. that’s when I decided I had neglected my health and well-being long enough, it was time to get back to my old state of wellness, to my happy place.

My biggest obstacle was that I lacked the discipline I once had and I knew this undertaking would require me to step out of my old comfort zones and seek a fitness class that was going to work with my busy schedule and allow me to get the most results in the limited amount of time I had to offer. So first step was to ask around and found out what other people my age are doing to stay fit ……… this was not helpful. I found so many people at the same point in their lives so I decided to seek out the younger generation. My daughter is a Police Officer, a certified trainer and a Crossfit competitor, she advised me to consider Crossfit. Stressing the fundamentals of exercising and simply going back to the basics. Most importantly she emphasized that I find a good trainer, one that focuses on proper technique and stresses that importance over the amount of repetitions. Thus keeping injuries at bay and building a strong and lean body.

And this is where the evening trainer Ale and Transform FX come into play. Within my first 3 sessions I knew I had found the perfect combination of trainer and program. Ale is consistent in her training, always stressing technique. She has a perfect balance of discipline and encouragement and a solid sense of when to use either, or most often both. She has a fabulous knack for remembering each members name and greeting them with eye contact, positive energy and a cheerful smile, whether is your 2nd session or your 100thsession, she genuinely is interested in how you are doing. That gesture not only makes me feel welcome but also creates a sense of accountability, like she is sincerely pleased that I came to my work out. I once overheard her telling someone how much she loved what she does for a living …… she gets paid to help others reach their fitness goals and thereby making them feel good about their accomplishments and I would have to agree that is a great position to earn a living.

The new found enthusiasm I have for my work out routine has been contagious. So much so that I have inspired my boss, co-workers and some family members to hop aboard the fitness train. I am traveling on a one-way ticket, I am determined not to go back. I have no real destination in mind ….. to quote the famous storybook character, Buzz Lightyear, “To infinity and Beyond!” so as long as there is a Transform FX and an Ale to train me I’ll continue to take this journey.”

~ Melodie Rincon, Concord, CA

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Monica Caguin
“I wanted to lose weight and nothing that I’d tried so far had worked. I knew I needed something structured to keep me motivated.

Physically, I’ve lost weight (18 lbs to date), I feel more energetic, a better mental capacity throughout the day. Emotionally, I’ve gained confidence, motivation to keep going, a greater sense of self that I can’t say I’ve ever had. When I was younger I never had to work at being thin. I ate what I wanted, never exercised, but I was thin and unhealthy. Working for it, getting to watch my body transform before my eyes has changed my appreciation for myself. I went from wishing I could lose weight to watching it happen. Every sit up, every burpee was a tiny stepping stone to the person I’ve always wanted to be. Not just thin but capable of pushing aside my excuses, the doubts and fears I used to hide behind and finally reach my goal.

I love coming to workouts and doing something that I didn’t think I could do. When I started I could barely do a push up and now I can do push-ups all through class! I love the moments in class when we all cheer because we know we’ve almost made it through the workout. I love seeing people who commit to coming every week. Everyone has busy schedules; I know that if they can make time to be here every week so can I.

The only things you’ve got to lose are pounds and excuses. You gain lifelong skills to a healthier version of yourself and you get to do it in an encouraging and fun environment.

I did a lot of wishing. I wish I could lose weight, I wish I wasn’t tired all the time, I wish I could stop eating, I wish my belly wouldn’t shake when I brushed my teeth. Now there is a lot more doing. I feel more in charge of myself, when I used to diet before I was always afraid to go somewhere I knew there would be food I couldn’t eat. I didn’t think my self-control was strong enough. With the nutrition coaching I’ve learned that I can say no to certain foods, and if I’ve been good I can say yes to them every once in a while. The best part is that I can still live my life, I can enjoy a meal out with friends and know that I can make smart choices and still see results.

This might be the hardest question to answer only because how do I put into words how much Ale has done to encourage me? So many times her confidence and reassurance has been the voice that drowns out the doubts in my head. I always have fun in her class; I’m always encouraged and challenged. Ale’s support has meant the difference between giving up and pushing for one more rep. She has shared my excitement with every lost pound; she cheered me on when I went from doing modified push-ups to the real thing. I have borrowed her enthusiasm on more than one occasion and it’s gotten me through nights when I just wanted to go home and rest. I’ve never once regretted choosing her class over the couch no matter how I felt during warm ups by the cool down I knew that I had won.

P.S. I wanted to share something that I posted on Facebook a while back that I think was a turning point for me, when I knew that my circumstance did not have to dictate my ability to succeed. That was a night I did not want work out at all! Normally I would have just gone home but I pushed myself to be there and I haven’t missed once since.

“Tonight I did not allow a headache and a bad attitude get in my way. Tonight I added one more grain of sand to the slow and steady climb of my success. Tonight I overcame my biggest obstacle and reason for every failure, Myself.”

~ Monica Caguin, Concord, CA

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Lorrie Nicoles
“I started working out with Transform FX Fitness because I was offered a free month. At the time, I had lost all interest in the daily walks I had been taking and was not interested in joining another gym. I was, however, very interested in structured workouts that someone else thought up. I JOINED because I was hooked after the first workout!

I’d like to think that I’m an average person who’s in decent health and moderately fit. I do not want to be a runway model and I like food too much to go on any sort of rigid diet. But I need my body to keep working, because my physical assembly requires at least stronger legs and abs so that I don’t fall apart.

At TFX, I get three great, and different, workouts a week. I am steadily taking off those pounds that I do not really need and dropping inches around my belly, hips, and thighs. I am also getting stronger, having tons of fun, and feeling incredible!
Better yet, other people tell me how good I’m looking.
I give TFX all the credit. I’ve done lots of workouts – by myself, in a gym, classes, and trainers – and none of them have done for me what this bootcamp has.

I love the supportive atmosphere at TFX. The group I work out with is so much fun. We laugh, tease, and support. None of us take ourselves very seriously. Since I work from home, my workouts are good for my sanity too. I’m getting out of the house, interacting with people, and letting go of everything that has nothing to do with getting in a great, and safe, workout.
I love the TFX philosophy and how the trainers implement it. I feel challenged, pushed, encouraged, and supported. Nothing is impossible and modifications are allowed for the really difficult.”

~ Lorrie Nicoles, Pleasant Hill, CA

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Tiffany Borland
“I tried it for a month. I bought a deal on Living Social. After the month trial I knew it was the program for me. I liked that I knew exactly what I was going to do and felt fantastic after each circuit workout.

I am stronger and feel great. I’ve thrown away 20 pounds. I am better equipped to handle stress. My skin is clear and I like the varied, functional workouts. They are challenging, fun and never the same. What’s more, there is a set schedule and the gym isn’t open 24 hours! It works for me and I hope it will work for others, too. And on days when I just don’t want to come in, I remind myself how good I will feel after and I ALWAYS feel better, no matter how tough my day was.

Try it and you will see. There is no denying it when you realize how good you feel. Trust me.” I would encourage them to try it and join me in a workout.

Stressful. I was unhealthy and heavy. My weight was out of control and I looked haggard. I had tried many other programs before. The one thing that makes Transform FX Fitness work for me is that I know exactly what I am going to do. There is someone there showing me proper form. Injuries can be avoided if you know how to execute. At other fitness clubs I input my information into a computer. There is no comparison!

Ale keeps me going. Her reassurances make such a difference and her calm presence is a constant. It is mind over matter and when I tell myself I can’t, she reminds me I can. When I hear her encourage us Transformers to keep at it, it resets my head and I give it my best. Ale challenges us to push ourselves and not settle for mediocrity– supporting all of us as we strive for excellence!”

~ Tiffany Borland, Pleasant Hill, CA

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Jan April 30, 2013 at 3:33 pm

the interviews were really cool….I hope Anja wins. she has been thru so much this year and has survived thru it all by coming to Ale’s class. I miss class too…maybe someday I’ll get back there. One thing though – the music is kinda loud on all the interviews and you can’t hear very well on what they are saying…….just an observation……I voted for ANJA!

Anna D April 30, 2013 at 4:00 pm

Hi Jan, yes, Anja’s story is very inspiring and thanks for voting. We tried our best to keep the music down. But, hopefully, people can still hear them and having the written stories help too 🙂

Jenn May 2, 2013 at 3:22 pm

Congratulations to all the transformers who have been nominated for Member of the Year.

I vote for Dan and Frank! These two are relentless! They work hard every second of the workout and their effort inspires others in their sessions to push harder. Good luck fellas!

Anna D May 2, 2013 at 3:32 pm

Like 🙂

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