A Better Way for Adults to Lose Weight

by Anna D

Did you know that your cravings might be linked closely to the foods you’re allergic to? Nowadays, lots of people suffer from symptoms of poor health and rapid aging while the solution to this could be as simple as removing food allergens from our system. Whenever you remove common allergens like gluten, soy, dairy products, and refined sugars from your diet, the majority of the symptoms people are encountering may entirely disappear. This, in a nutshell, is exactly what a dietary cleanse is all about.

Many of our clients who have a difficult time losing weight benefit from a dietary cleanse. This is a way of giving your body a chance to do what it is supposed to do so you may fully absorb the nutrients you get from your diet and utilize it for energy.

Listed below are four reasons a dietary cleanse might be right for you:

Reason #1 Eliminate Harmful Toxins to Lose Fat

Toxins are found all around us. We can get toxins from the air we inhale, the food we consume, and the water we drink every day. The toxins we consume land in our fat stores around the belly area because that is where our body is able to keep them away from our organs. Additionally, we have a tendency to retain more water when we consume toxins so that our body can dilute them and make them less harmful to our body. This is the reason why many people experience bloating or weight gain throughout the lower abdominals.

When we do a cleanse, our bodies let go of these toxins. As an effect, our body can release the water from our fat cells. Our 24-Day Challenge participants actually see a 5-10 inch reduction in their lower abs or the so called love handles when they go through a cleanse. The number of fat cells in our body will not change but eliminating water from inside the cells helps with the inch reduction around the waistline.

Reason #2 Eliminate Cravings to Lower Calorie Intake

We can easily locate refined sugar in our food supply. We can acquire them in big quantities for a very cheap price. Refined sugars can be found in its simplest form as table sugar or integrated into breads, pastries, pastas, alcohol and so forth. Refined means the sugar has been totally stripped of its nutrients. Not only are we failing to get any nutrients from refined sugar but it additionally drains our body of its vitamins and minerals. When this happens, we could develop Yeast overgrowth within our digestive system. Yeast loves sugar so the more you feed it with sugar, the more you’re going to crave foods that have it.

People who take out refined sugars from their diet through a cleanse are offering their body a chance to grow healthy bacteria. This consequently facilitates better digestion and much better absorption of nutrients in our stomach. Consequently, we decrease our cravings for sugar because of the decrease in Yeast bacteria.

Reason #3 Improved Digestion

There’s a group of proteins known as Gluten which are commonly found in wheat and wheat products. Because they are dense and gooey, they help make things stick together. This is the reason why wheat flour is great for baking and as a thickener in gravies. However, it’s estimated that 50% of the population has difficulty breaking down gluten inside their intestines. When this happens, our immune system perceives Gluten as a foreign protein which must be destroyed. This gradually causes damage to our intestinal walls which may lead to bloating in the intestines. When our intestines keep getting damaged, it thins to the point that it begins absorbing materials that should have been blocked and isn’t as efficient in absorbing nutrients our body needs.

By eliminating Gluten from our diet, we allow our intestines a chance to recover from the damage Gluten previously caused. Any inflammation will decrease and we can experience much better nutrient absorption and more regular bowel movement.

Reason #4 Increased Energy

Our whole body responds to stress and anxiety by simply expelling hormones coming from the Adrenal glands. Whenever we eat prevalent allergens like sugar and even Gluten every day, our Adrenals could be overstimulated by way of chronic stress causing a lowering of the hormones it produces. This process results in a feeling of low energy, feeling rundown, and therefore feeling anxious continuously. This is usually a issue called Adrenal Fatigue.
After we clean up allergens from our diet regime, our Adrenal glands may get lots of recovery so it can function much better. It will then execute the proper reaction to stress and give off the correct quantity of hormones into our system. If this occurs, many of us should not endure tiredness or diminished energy any more. We may additionally realize that we do not need to rely upon caffeine including coffee or sodas when you need to support our energy over the course of the day.

Proven Methods to Perform a Cleanse

A cleanse can easily be performed by basically eliminating usual allergens which include sugars, dairy products, soy products, together with gluten from our diet regime for at least twenty-four days. Doing this for twenty-four days gives your body lots of time to get rid off toxins out of your system and in many cases will provide you with ample time to cultivate healthful practices. Available for people who need more guidance and framework while doing a cleanse, Anna Dornier has developed a step by step system known as the 24 Day Challenge. Participants of this challenge experience all 4 improvements above along with a common weight reduction of 5-12 pounds during and following the 24 days. For more information on this system, please go to www.EastBay24DayChallenge.com.

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