How to Lose Cellulite

by Anna D

As I watched T.V. the other day and saw a commercial for a cellulite removing cream, I thought to myself that they do a really good job selling this stuff on infomercials when most of these products are useless. Okay, maybe a few products can be useful and actually do what they are supposed to do but most of the time, it’s junk – a waste of money.

So, I go to thinking, how can you get rid of cellulite. Thankfully, I have not thought about this question myself because I hardly have any to begin with. But, for other people out there who are wondering, this will be a great blog post for you to read so read on…

As I searched for an answer, I ended up at a fitness blogger’s web site who also happened to interview a resident plastic surgeon, Bryan Chung, MD PhD. I listened to the interview where he discussed how we can get rid of cellulite. He basically said that there are only two ways you can do this: get surgery or lose weight. By surgery, he meant, get the extra fat taken out of the area and the only other way to do that is to lose fat in that area naturally by losing weight.

I do not know about you but, I do not want to risk my life and go under the knife to get rid of cellulite. I like to go the natural way which is to lose weight through exercise and proper nutrition. This is more rewarding for me as I feel I deserve the result at the end.

How Does Cellulite Happen?

The interview probed Dr. Chung about how cellulite happens in the first place. He said women are more prone to cellulite because of the genetic difference of the basic structure of their fat cells. Basically, our fat is stored in little globules or balloon-like compartments underneath the skin and they can only hold so much fat. In men, these globules are not arrange in any way. In women, these compartments are neatly arranged in vertical orientations. When women have too much fat in these compartments that they can handle, the fat sort of creates bumps on the skin creating the dimpling effect. The only way to take out the dimpled look is to get rid of excess fat in our fat cells – period. No creams can do this as much as we’d like to believe.

I take comfort in the fact that I do not have to have plastic surgery to get rid of cellulite and that it is not genetic to the point that I have to through extreme lengths to get rid of them. The answer lies in getting more exercise and losing weight which, not surprising, also goes so many of our modern diseases that plague our society today.

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Pamela Speka December 29, 2010 at 11:04 am

Another solution is DRINK WATER!!!!! Folks forget how important this is to weight loss and health as well as reduction in Cellulite! It all works together. This is a great wake-up call to those who need to just DO IT.

Anna D December 29, 2010 at 8:56 pm

That would make sense, Pam since the more water you drink, the less water you retain. Fat cells do retain some water so this would help.

Thanks for stopping by.


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