Motivation: How Do You Revive it?

by Anna D

Let’s face it, motivation comes and goes. One day you’re really gung ho about starting a healthy lifestyle then a few days later, you’re back to where you started. To be honest, I still experience lack of motivation every now and then. While the healthy habits I have acquired over the long run have served me well during these times, it’s nice to look outside of ourselves for inspiration.

Recently, some of my friends have turned me unto a Michael Jordan commercial for Nike which really stuck with me and inspired me. Watch Michael’s video here:

Here is another Nike commercial which Jordan did about all the failures he has experienced in his career. Really, really eye opening:

Lastly, here is a video with Matt Scott. I would not tell you who he is (unless you already know who he is) because it might ruin the video for you. This is, again, a very eye opening video.

On the days when I my excuses start taking over my life or when my motivation is so-so, these videos definitely remind me that I am powerful beyond belief and you are too! We just have to keep moving forward everyday.

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