Top 3 Benefits of Walking for Weight Loss

by Anna D

This past weekend, my husband and I took our dog hiking at Tilden Regional Park in Berkeley. I’ve always wanted to hike during weekends but sometimes my busy schedule during the week just makes me want to sit around and relax over the weekend. This past saturday, we made it a point to go outside and check out some nice views the bay area has to offer.

[View from top of a Steep Hill we climbed]

Why Walk or Hike?

    • Walking Reduces inflammation – while walking may not burn as many calories as much as high intensity intervals, it does have its benefits. Scientific studies have shown that walking can reduce inflammation in your body. So, if you’ve been doing intense workouts during the week, you’d probably benefit from walking to reduce any soreness and underlying inflammation that you may have from your previous workouts.
    • Break the weight loss plateau – taking a week break from your workouts can help your body can recover from the good exercise stress you have put it through. I’ve found that I can break a weight loss plateau if I just back off from my workouts for a week which is a nice surprise for not doing anything at all. But, don’t make the mistake of taking a break too early, most people can see this benefit once they’ve been working out consistently for a good 12 weeks.
    • Fasted morning walks – take advantage of the breath taking sunrise by walking straight to the beach or walking around the neighborhood without eating breakfast first. I’ve personally made it a habit to perform a lot of my more rigorous activities with an empty stomach. For instance, I would workout while fasting or take my dog on a long walk in the morning before I have my very first bite of food for the day. If you’re not ready for intermittent fasting yet, you can still harness some of the benefits of fasting if you perform your morning walks before you eat breakfast.

[Me and my tired lab mix, Layla at the top of the hill]

If walking or hiking is something you might enjoy, keep these benefits in mind and make a habit of doing them at least once a week to reap its benefits. I personally enjoy it because it gives my dog the opportunity to get her exercise and for my husband and I to spend some quality time together. Just like us, this can be a new tradition you can share with your family and spend quality time with each other. The best part is you also get to see some beautiful scenery Northern California has to offer.

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