#1 Effective Fat Loss Strategy

by Anna D

Today, I wanted to share with you a very powerful and effective tool that you can use when motivation is not enough (which it usually isn’t) in your fitness journey. This strategy is called finding your “why.” These are the reason or reasons you told yourself for starting on the path to fitness. You may have known these reasons all along but they may be hidden or unclear to some of you.


Your whys can be a lot of things. It can be the very first reason that gave you that turning point into wanting to lose the extra weight. Maybe it’s that time when you were getting ready for a casual dinner with friends and didn’t like getting ready because nothing fits you. I was there at some point too. It took me awhile to get ready because I had to try on several outfits so that I can choose the one that best hides my love handles. Your turning point may be different. It can be even deeper that just not fitting into clothes but it’s important to remember them especially during your most difficult times.

To give you a clearer idea, here are some of my “whys” and how I think of them on a daily basis:

When I first started, I like to imagine myself having already achieved my goal. This can be something like a vision of me standing in front of the dressing room mirror at the mall while trying on the perfectly sized jeans and jumping for joy because they actually fit me. (I know it sounds silly but it works.)

I also had an idea of who I wanted to look like. A role model who will inspire me to go for my goal in full blast. For most people, this person would be a celebrity and for me it’s Jessica Biel. She still looks womanly and yet she has muscles in all the right spots. I always have her in the back of my mind whenever I felt the need to reach for dessert which is my main nemesis.

The other thing, and one that’s important to me, is knowing that if I keep doing my workouts and eating the right way, that I will be strong as an Ox when I get older. I don’t ever want to be the old lady in crutches who can’t live by herself. I want my quality of life to be at its best even at age 60, 70 and upwards. I imagine an older version of myself and still lifting weights, rock climbing, or just living an active lifestyle in general.

Why This Strategy is Important

When the going gets tough, these are 3 powerful images/visions that I use for myself. When I first wrote them, I got very emotional and you might get that way too. This is a sign that you are doing it right and you really go to the root of your whys.

Your “whys” may be totally different from mine. Maybe you want to be healthy so you can keep up with your kids, or you want to build confidence when you start dating again, or feel good that you’re doing something good for yourself. Whatever your “whys” may be, remind yourself of what they are everyday and keep it front and center. Pretty soon, you will reach your goal and feel proud of yourself.

Your homework is to come up with your “whys” and write them down. You can even post it in the comments section once you’ve come up with your list or just write them down where you can see the list everyday. This strategy is very effective because it helps us with changing our mindset and our habits. When it comes to losing weight, even the best exercise or nutrition plan in the world is useless if you don’t have the right mindset as a strong foundation. If you really want weight loss success, do this strategy and do it everyday.

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