Top 3 Signs of a Great Personal Trainer

How do you know if you found the right trainer?

by Anna D

Now more than ever, there is so much confusion about weight loss and what really works. Many women’s magazines tend to advocate high repetitions light weight strength training that does not show much effectiveness when applied to real life scenarios. To add to this misinformation, many so called “fitness advice” in the news and other media channels that are really advertising for certain big companies are disguised as such. So, as a consumer, what can you do to make sure you don’t fall for these gimmicks? Get your information straight from the source! Personal trainers are the most accessible professionals in the health industry. Their services are valuable because they can help accelerate your results by taking the guess work out of your training and nutrition. But, how do you make sure that you’re not wasting your money on a bad personal trainer? Here are some signs that you can look for when choosing your personal trainer:

How does he/she look?

Without being judgmental you can get an idea if personal trainers know what they’re doing just by how they look. Most personal trainers get the “look” that they have from applying the training and nutrition principles that they give to their clients to themselves. This is also a good way to tell if your potential personal trainer practices what he/she preaches which is a good sign of their personal and work ethics. Of course, you still have to take into account how their genes affect their physique but even people with the most perfect genes, still have to do some work to look a certain way.

Are they knowledgeable?

Most of the time, personal trainers are open to having a free initial consultation with a new client. You can take advantage of this situation by asking your own questions. Prepare them ahead of time and take note of the answers that they give you. If the answers make sense to you and they are not fumbling for words, chances are you might have found a good personal trainer. But, don’t stop there. Take their answers home and research them even further. Most of the time, you can find numerous articles on effective exercise and nutrition practices online. You can also use this consultation by getting a free workout. Does this personal trainer explain how to perform exercises properly in a way that makes sense to you? Is he/she patient or give other ways to explain an exercise when it doesn’t make sense the first time? Does he/she explain the benefits or the reasons for performing such exercise? Simply asking this question can give you an idea on whether this personal trainer is knowledgeable enough to give you the results you want while also getting a “feel” if your personalities will work well together during future training sessions. The day after the first consultation, make sure to pay attention to any unusual pain that you might not have felt before your training from the previous day. Besides the usual soreness that you may experience, you can tell if this personal trainer did the good job by ensuring that you demonstrated proper form during your exercises.

Are they Referable?

The ultimate fool-proof way to hire a personal trainer or any professional for that matter is to find people they’ve already worked with. You can either ask your friends or family for any recommendations or ask them questions about their experience and any results they have achieved with the personal trainer in question. Most of the time, people who are pleased with a certain product or service are more than happy to share their experience and most personal trainers who perform their job well come highly recommended. There you have it, the top 3 signs of a great personal trainer. Once you’ve gone checked all these signs off your list, don’t immediately sign up for a full year of training. Test out your new personal trainer for a few sessions while giving your best to follow their training and nutrition advice. Pay attention to the things that he/she does outside of your workout sessions. Does he/she usually give you more service than you’ve asked for? Does he/she seem to really care about your success? If the answers are yes to these two questions, you may just have found a gem of a trainer and he/she is a keeper for sure.

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