Top 5 Beach Body Secrets

by Anna D

Many people dream about having a beach body. Getting ready for a vacation or a summer getaway can be even more enjoyable when you look good in a bikini. Even more so, having a smile of pride on your face when you look back at your beach pictures is priceless.

Whether you are far from getting beach body ready or very close to it, the process is pretty similar and simple. Take note that simple does not mean it’s easy but I will tell you that it is doable. So, what does it take to have a vacation ready body? The answers might surprise you.

Secret #1: Get Inspired

To get amazing results, you need to put in remarkable efforts. In order to put in the effort that you need to produce the results you want, you need to get an inspiration or a motivation. This inspiration can be a picture of celebrity that you want to emulate, a leaner picture of you, looking great naked, fitting into a smaller bikini size (and looking good in it), winning a prize, etc. Whatever your inspiration may be, it needs to be so powerfully inspiring that it will carry you through tempting foods, cravings, hunger, and the many other challenges in getting to your goal.

Secret #2: Having Specific Goals

If you don’t know where you want to go, how do you plan how to get there? This is a very important step if you want to get that beach body look. To get started on your goals, write down the things that you’d want to change. To do this, start with the physical issues that you want to addresss such as reducing your overall weight, losing inches of off your waist and thighs, getting more muslce definition in your arms, etc.

Once you figured out your physical goals, write down the steps that you will take to achieve them. These steps can be eating more nutritious meals, avoiding processed foods and fast foods restaurants, preparing healthier snacks, exercising 3 times a week, reducing the amount of calories that you eat at each meal, couting your calories to make sure you stay on track, and many more.

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Secret #3: Having Social Support

Social support has got to be the most underrated element of achieving the lean, beach body look. If you think about it, athletes have coaches to take their performance and their fitness to the next level. So, why not get the support that you need when you’re trying to achieve something that you may not have a lot of experience in doing? Getting support from your family and friends and letting them know what you’re goals are can make a big difference in achieving your physical goals especially during the stumbling points.

Better yet, consider hiring a personal trainer to guide you through the initial stages of your journey (or even to help you all the way). One caveat with this is to do your homework and find a knowledgeable, credible fitness professional who has the track record of producing results for their clients. Most of the time, you can find good ones by asking your friends, family, and/or co-workers about anyone that they had already worked with or have heard about.

Secret #4: Consistency – Stick to the Plan

You will be doing yourself a big favor if you stick to the plan that you have set out to do in beach body secret #2. The accumulation of your “on track efforts” can give you the incredible results that you need to realize your goals. Even more so, you will see results faster! The more consistent you are with your plan, the faster you will get to the finish line to taking fabulous beach pictures. This secret works especially well if your time is limited.

If for some reason you were consistent to your plan and you still have some time left before your vacation time, you would be at a better position to stay close to your beach body look than to give in to set backs and get out of shape again. For instance, many celebrities don’t stay in the best shape all year. But, what they do is they go about 5 pounds away or so from their best camera-ready look until they need to look great for the camera again. So, you may be able to back off from your plan for a little bit and then stick to the rules again as the date gets closer.

Secret #5: Set the Date

This last secret might be somewhat similar to secret #1 but not really. Basically, if you have a vacation or big event that you’re preparing for, it would be a good idea to specify that date, mark it in your calendar, and make permanent plans to go during that time. This simple action will create a real need in your mind to stay on track especially if that date is only a few months away. Another helpful idea to stay focused on getting ready for this big event is to print pictures of your vacation place and post it right by your marked calendar date.

So, there you have it, now you know how to get the beach body look. I may have simplified the secrets a little bit but really the process is not as complicated as a lot of people think. If you have the calorie deficit, keep moving, get the support, and stick to the plan, you will be closer to your goal faster than you ever imagined.

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