10 or 10 Challenge Resources Page

This page contains the step-by-step instructions on what you need to do to get started on the 10 or 10 Challenge.

It also has all the resources available to you during the program and where you can find them. Please look through this page first if you’re looking for something and bookmark it for future reference.

This page is FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. Thank you for keeping it private.


Step 1

If you missed the orientation session or joining us remotely, please be sure do take your before pictures and send them to ale@transformfxfitness.com along with your measurements using this assessment form:

Assessment Form

We also need you to complete and turn in your commitment form:

10 or 10 Challenge Commitment Form

Step 2

Add me, Anna Dornier, as a friend on Facebook with the profile picture of me and baby Lucas so I can add you to our private FB group.

Step 3

Download your meal plans here (also given to you during orientation if you attended):

10 or 10 Challenge Meal Plan and Supplement Guide

Step 4

Access your workouts here. Please note that workouts will be available at least 24 hours before Monday and Wednesday of every week.

10 or 10 Challenge Workouts

Step 5

Post any questions, food logs, workout logs, and so on over at our FB private page daily for ultimate results!!!

Here are some resources we’ve used in past programs if you need them:

Forgot to Prepare Tips

Meal Planning Substitution List