10 lbs or 10 inches Challenge


Hello, Anna Dornier (with Lucas in the picture who always seems to be attached to me everywhere I go…haha) here.

We’ve been busy lately with a lot of people working on their New Year’s fitness resolutions. That’s understandable right?! But, we’ve also been getting quite a few e-mails wondering if we’re ever going to offer an affordable program everyone can participate in, still see results, and still have fun!

Because of that the…

Lose 10 lbs or 10 inches challenge was born!

This is the program anyone can participate in, anywhere they are without compromising on results.

In fact, as the name implies, our guarantee is lose 10 lbs or 10 inches or we double what you paid for the program and you keep all the supplements.

Personally, I want 2014 to be the year when we transform at least 500 people’s lives through our coaches, our programs, and the tools we have available to us…and this challenge will jump start that.

So, what is the Lose 10 lbs or 10 inches Challenge?

  • A solid, 10-day waist-trimming supplement plan that is guaranteed to help you lose inches right away $37 Value
  • Pre-precorded fat-destroying workout videos, twice a week, so you can fit your workouts into your busy day, anytime, anywhere. Use it as add-on to your bootcamp workouts or join us from anywhere in the world.$197 Value
  • Exact, easy to follow, delicious meal plans that makes you feel good from the inside out for the full 21 days, no more guess work $247 Value
  • Unparalleled Support and Accountability from our fabulous Transformation Team of Coaches and Members – the more you hang out with these people, the sexier you get 🙂 $Priceless

The total value of this package is $481
But, your investment, if you grab one of the 20 spots by March 3rd is only $57!
Challenge Starts March 10th and will last for 21 Days

But, a fitness challenge would not be complete without PRIZES, PRIZES, PRIZES.

$20 of your registration fee will go straight into our Prize Money Pool. This means that the more people participate, the higher the prize money will be.

Here is the breakdown of how the prize money will be awarded…

1st prize: 50% of pool money
2nd prize: 30% of pool money
3rd prize: 20% of pool money

*Awards will be based on total percentage weight or inches lost – whichever is greater.

Here is a sample scenario for the prize money when we have 50 spots with each person contributing $20 to the pool:

1st prize: $500
2nd prize: $300
3rd prize: $200

Plus, you get our ultimate guarantee…


Just so everyone has an even playing field, we of course need to set a few rules. Here they are:

1) Must take before and after pictures AND all required measurements.

2) Must take herbal cleanse for 10 straight days.

3) Must follow the meal plan and follow our workout videos or do a strength training session twice a week.

The rules are created with your results in mind. Follow the rules and see the pounds and inches drop…plain and simple!

Oh, what did I hear you say? You want even better results?

I’m glad you asked.

Refer your friends and family and we will enter your name to win our “Maximum Fat Loss Package.” For each person you enter, you get 1 raffle ticket so the more people you refer, the more chances you can win the package.

The Maximum Fat Loss Package includes:

  • Spark – This amazing drink cocktail serves as an all-in-one solution that gives you a quick boost of energy that lasts for hours and takes your workouts to the next level.
  • Catalyst – My personal favorite! Catalyst helps get rid of fat, retain muscle, and leave your body more toned and better defined when used in combination with a healthy diet and exercise program.
  • Thermoplus – provides the nutritional support to stimulate and assist fat-burning while improving appetite control.
  • Meal Replacement Shakes – Receive complete nutrition in a light, refreshing meal even when you’re pressed for time or trying to lose weight.

BootcampConcord4 *Note: MNS Max 3 and Omega Plex (shown in the picture) aren’t included in the package.


The total value of this package is $481
But, your investment, if you grab one of the 20 spots by March 3rd is only $57!
Challenge Starts March 10th and will last for 21 Days

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to be a member of Transform FX Fitness? Who can join?

If you’re reading this, you can join the contest no matter where you live even if you’re not going to work out with us.

Does $57 cover all the cost or are there hidden fees?

Yup, it covers everything.

What if I want to do bootcamp?

Non-members who are participating in the program can drop-in at any of our bootcamp session times for $12 per session during the challenge. That gives you $8 off our regular drop-in rate of $20. If you’d like to buy a full month of bootcamp, it would be $167 for 3x a week and $147 2x a week. This special is only good in conjunction with this challenge only.

What if I haven’t worked out in awhile or have mobility limitations?

We’ll give you modifications in the workout videos and during bootcamp if you’re joining us in person.

When does the challenge start and how long is it?

Challenge Starts March 10th and will last for 21 Days

What if I’m already doing the 24 Day Nutrition System or the Total Transformation Contest?

You may still participate in this challenge by contributing the $20 fee for the pool money.